Team Associated vs. Traxxas | which is better?


When it comes to RC car production, Traxxas ranks first among the hobby-grade manufacturers as they are known to design and ship premium-quality models most new brands want to have in their lineup. 

On the other hand, Team Associated, founded in 1965, has quickly grown to become as famous as the industry-leading RC brand Traxxas because they also produce some hard-core RC cars that appeal to many RC car lovers.  

In this article, we compare both brands to know which is better.

The answer is

In general, Traxxas RC cars are better than those produced by Team Associated. This is because Traxxas RC cars will suit every RC car user, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.
Team Associated Rc cars, on the other hand, manufactures RC cars that are better suited for only advanced users as they are relatively more complex to maintain. 

What are the differences between both brands?

Knowing what makes these two RC brands stand out will help you make a better decision if you’re considering getting an RC car.
The significant differences between Traxxas and Team Associated RC cars are:

  1. Traxxas RC cars are better for bashing; Team Associated cars are great for bashing and racing

When it comes to driving your vehicle for the fun of it, Traxxas are better for backyard bashing. Their 1/10 trucks and Stampedes have been known to be tough and durable, capable of enduring the menacing beatings of bashing. 

On the other hand, Team Associated makes dedicated RC cars that work for bashing and can also be used in race competitions. Why? They use a brushless motor that offers significantly more performance and lasts much longer. However, their RC car model’s area is better for racing. 

  1. Traxxas Has More Aftermarket and Customer Support than Team Associated

Another difference between Traxxas and Team Associated RC cars is that Traxxas customer support is top-notch. While Team Associated also offers excellent customer support, they don’t even come near Traxxas in this department. If you accidentally break a part of your truck, you can always contact Traxxas to help you. 

Also, finding and buying a broken or damaged part for a Traxxas RC car won’t be a problem. You can find all the parts you need on their website by inputting the model name and number. Finding spares for Team Associated RC cars is possible, but it takes longer, and sometimes, you won’t find these parts on the market. 

  1. Team Associated offers better value on the cost.

Traxxas models usually come expensive due to their demand in the market, their use of realistic car designs, and high-quality materials.
However, Team Associated don’t spend as much when producing RC cars, especially when it comes to car design and electronic components. For this reason, they are less priced than most Traxxas models. 

  1. Traxxas has more technology than Team Associated.

Most Traxxas electronic parts are patented. This shows how Traxxas spends more money on technological advancement for their cars. One advanced technological feature their RC car employs is the electronic stability systems that look similar to those in real cars. However, Team Associated don’t invest in advanced technologies and electronic parts like Traxxas.

  1. Team Associated engines are more durable.

Traxxas engines don’t perform exceptionally well like those of Team Associated. For example, if the TRX-15, the vintage AE .12 nitro engine will win hands down. When used in an RTR NTC3 model, the AE .12 could even outrun a CV-R. Why? Team Associated electronics are built for power and reliability. 

TraxxasTeam Associated
Better for bashingIt can be used for bashing and racing but are better for racing
Has more aftermarket and customer supportOffers customer support and aftermarket options, but they are slow to get
RC cars models are expensiveOffers better value on price
Ore advanced electronics Manageable electronics
TRX-15 engines don’t match up to those of Team Associated’sEngines are more durable
Table showing the differences between both brands

Which is more beginner-friendly, and which one is more pro-friendly?

While both brands produce RC cars suitable for beginners and advanced users, Traxxas models are more beginner-friendly than Team Associated’s. 

Traxxas manufacturers the best entry-level RC cars that are easy to use and are excellent for bashing (one feature most beginner RC hobbyists look for in RC cars they plan to buy). 

On the other hand, Team Associated is where they are today because they make more industry-leading race-level radio-control vehicles in various sizes for advanced RC fans

Hence, Team Associated RC models are more pro-friendly. 

Which makes better RTR cars?

Over the years, both Team Associated and Traxxas brands have served a plethora of satisfied racers, producing superior-quality and performance-oriented RC cars for beginners and advanced racers. But, between these two industry-leading brands, Traxxas RC car models make better RTR cars that can be used by both beginner and pro RC enthusiasts. 

Which makes better kit cars?

Team Associated produces RTRs and Kit cars that work exceptionally for beginners and advanced users.
However, Their RC car models are racing-oriented to ensure that pro-users enjoy a whole thrilling experience on the race track. 

On the other hand, Traxxas has been known to produce better ready-to-run RC cars for beginner RC fans. For this reason, Team Associated makes better Kit cars than Traxxas. 

Which is easier to maintain?

Traxxas and Team Associated produce both RTR and Kit cars. For most people, maintaining their RTR cars can be tricky since they have no idea the models of their electronic parts. 

On the other hand, the Kit cars will be easier to maintain since the RC car owners will be familiar with the electronic parts and, when damaged, know what fix they could apply. 

Apart from this, because Traxxas electronic components are advanced, many beginner and pro users will have no idea how to maintain them. This makes Traxxas models challenging to maintain. 

Parts availability

If you have a broken or damaged part for your Traxxas or Team Associated RC models, finding replacement parts won’t be a problem.
Traxxas offers its customers quality replacement parts for all damaged electronics. All you need do is visit their website and find the part you need.

You can also find spares for every Team Associated model you may own. The only downside of Associated’s parts availability support is that it may take longer to get. Why? Not many stores have it in stock. 

Product support

As stated earlier, Traxxas support is top-notch, and even though Team Associated offers customers seamless product support, they’re nowhere close to how Traxxas product support mechanisms operate. 

Price differences

It’s no doubt that RC racing is an expensive hobby. 

However, Traxxas cars are more expensive than Team Associated RC vehicles, with their most expensive models running up to almost $1,000. The reason is that they offer better quality vehicles and excellent customer service. 

Conversely, anyone can get even the best Team Associated’s RC cars designed for top-notch performance and speed-racing or as low as $100. 

Which is the best value for money

Traxxas RC cars are generally known for their expensive nature. The prices of their products may even make beginner RC fans rethink the idea of engaging in RC as a hobby. But even with the pricing, they offer the best value for the money because Traxxas offers products of considerably higher quality, from their advanced technology to their excellent aftermarket and product support options. 


When it comes to RC cars’ durability, although Traxxas produces some of the highest-quality RC cars and utilizes superior technologies, Team Associated’s RC cars are more durable.
Even their AE .12 engine is tough, withstand frightening high temperatures, and lasts longer than Traxxas TRX-15 engines. 

Comparison table between both brands

PartsTraxxasTeam Associated
Bodies It looks like real car shellsColorful designs
Chassis Made from thick extruded aluminumMade from carbon fiber, alloy, or aluminum
Shocks It comes in two types; the GTR Xl and XXL shocks and the Big bore shocksCome with plastic shocks
Drivetrain It weighs 19.1lbs (8.66kg) and offers speed between 50-70 mphIt weighs 30% less at 4.7grams 
Prices Their best models can cost up to $1000You can get an excellent RC car for as low as $100

Team Associated’s 3 best sellers vs. Traxxas’ 3 best sellers

3 Best Seller RC models
TraxxasTeam Associated
Traxxas BigFoot
Come designed with an F-100 Ford XLT Ranger body, perfect for off-road, has waterproof electronics, a 7-Cell iD battery pack, and a 4-amp DC fast charger.
Team Associated DR10 Drag Race RTR car
Powered by a 3300KV brushless motor, has a 2.4GHz 2-channel radio.
Traxxas Stampede VXL
Is designed for excellent ground clearance durability in any weather and provides hours of fun.
Associated’s RC10B6.2D
This kit comes with 7075-T6 aluminum arm mounts, Bolt-on +1 steering block arms, and 7mm clamping wheel hexes. 
Traxxas Maxx 4S
Capable of speeds over 60 MPH, comes equipped with a 2400kV brushless motor, TQi radio system, TSM, and other innovative electronic parts.
RTR comes with a 3300KV 4-Pole brushless motor, 2.4 GHz radio system, and high-torque digital servo.


Choosing the best manufacturer would depend on your personal needs and preferences. Traxxas will be a better option for Beginners, while Team Associated RC will best suit advanced users. 

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