Do RC cars hold value? what is their yearly depreciation


Buying a good RC car can be quite expensive for hobbyists.
We all want to get the latest models with the most advanced technology, and to afford that, we sometimes need to sell old RC cars.
Remote controlled cars do have depreciation, and they can lose 30% of their value in a year, and in some cases even more than that.

Beyond the general market price, the way you use your car tells how you value it. Whether you buy it for professional racing or to bash around with your friends, you contribute to its value the way you use and maintain it.

Will RC cars hold value as a future investment

Investing in or buying an RC can be expensive. Buying it as a future investment can be tricky because RC manufacturers work hard at producing better and faster cars. Your expensive car can see a reduction in market price after you buy it. 
Also, the condition in which you use the car determines how much you will get paid for it when you resell. 

As long as you run or race your RC car, there will be wear and tear and you will have to change or replace its components now and then for maintenance.
This means the car is no longer an original in a market where un-built and neat-as-new RCs are highly regarded. The alternative to this, is keeping the RC in storage till a time RC lovers are lusting for its vintage value, usually 20 years.

How can you know if your RC car will hold its value

Some hobbyists who like to collect RC cars sell them later to buy bigger or better ones.  You are assured of getting value for your RC car if you keep it clean and in neat condition. 

Keeping your vehicle’s kit: instruction manuals and original packaging well is also important. Some model parts are rare to get as new ones and their used parts are well-sought for.

Try to make the tires, wheels and body complete and well-maintained to retain their originality. If your RC car has been repainted, the painting should be done as instructed in the manual and made to look like the picture on the kit box.
If your RC is in poor shape or is roughly used, it holds little value. You will be better off selling the car’s parts in groups to get more money than when you sell the whole vehicle. 

What is the highest value RC car in the world

Components in RC cars make them expensive. Manufacturers give extra dedication to making sturdier components so these cars are durable and more fun to use.
Nothing that good comes cheap. This means a bigger price on such responsive models which you will enjoy when you purchase them and get good value for your money.

The Traxxas XO-1 is the most expensive remote controlled car in the world right now. It has a Big Block brushless-electric motor and is the fastest radio control car ever. 

The XO-1 is a supercar that can accelerate from 0 to 100mph in five seconds. This all-wheel drive car costs $1,100.

The Freefly Tero is another expensive RC designed to be used by filmmakers. It is used with camera equipment to get smooth low-angle shots. The camera is fixed on the car and made to run and take dynamic shots in situations or levels humans can’t get across.
Freefly Tero costs $5,500 but is no longer available in the market.

What is the oldest RC car in the world? How much is it today?

 The oldest RC car in the world is the Ferrari 250LM and it was produced by Elettronica Giocattoli in 1966. It was a nitro-powered RC car manufactured by an Italian electronics company. However, it wasn’t until 1967 that commercial production began by Mardave, a British company.

This RC car was sold for about $200 on Walmart, but its not the original one.
Traces of the original one lost a few years ago. 

Do vintage RC cars hold their value

Every year, cars depreciate by 20% to 30%. RC cars are not excluded from car depreciation. Regardless of how much you bought it, your RC car can have 30% off its actual price just after one year of purchasing it. But for vintage RC cars, it’s a different situation.

Collectors say an RC car needs to be at least 20 years old and restored to the original specifications by its manufacturer for it to be referred to as a ‘vintage’ or ‘classic’.

Vintage cars in mint condition tend to sell for hundreds of dollars, but those in average or below average condition usually don’t sell for much. You can check out eBay or such other trading platforms to see the current values of vintage RC cars on sale.

Where can you sell your RC car

Selling your RC car can be difficult. It takes lots of research on the part of the seller, playing smart in order not to be swindled and willingness to compromise on the price when a buyer finally comes. There are quite a number of ways or places to sell your RC car though some are safe and others unsafe. 

When selling anything online, aside from putting up nice pictures, make sure to clearly state the condition of your car, its faults and parts that work well. When shipping off to the buyer, also snap pictures of the content as in the package. You should keep your proof of delivery.

· FB Marketplace: Many people use Facebook. You can reach many people and sell on FB Marketplace. You can also sell your remote control car in a dedicated buying-selling RC cars FB groups.

· Online market/ auction sites

eBay: eBay is expensive but your listing will get big exposure and your safety and that of your item is guaranteed.

Amazon: Amazon can be a great platform to reach many hobbyists that may be interested in your RC car.

· Local hobby store: You can go into a local hobby store and show them what you have. Most times, they will buy immediately from you to re-sell. 

Like Facebook dedicated groups, RC forums can also be a great place to find potential buyers. Just join any of the many forums online and offer your RC car for sale with good and relevant pictures.

Is a modified RC car worth more than an original

Often, an original and well-kept RC car will be worth more than a modified one.
An original RC is one that is well kept and retains the manufacturer’s specifications. 

A modified RC is one that has seen changes or upgrades in parts and components. Modification in a RC car can be an upgrade of motor or batteries, change of tires or adjusting the gears for better use by the owner.

Added parts mostly do not increase the value of your RC, because those mods are tailored for your needs, and may not fit the buyer’s needs. 

The modifications add to the expenses on an already expensive car.
For most RCs, modifications means there has been repairs or change of some original parts.
Collectors like to have complete RC kits and parts. Some RC model parts are rare to get as new ones and hobbyists do not mind buying the used but original parts. 

The best thing you can do to know if your modified RC car is worth more than its original is by researching on ebay. ebay attracts a large RC audience and you can find out the worth of your RC from the list of final prices of your car’s model sold there.  

Are RC cars collectibles

RC cars can be collected for exhibitions or to make future profit. 

RC collectors like to have RCs that are as original as they are on the kit box or when on display at a hobby store. There are some parts of RC models that are rare to get as new ones and collectors pay hugely to acquire the used but neat ones. One example of a highly desired part is the TamiyaTechnigold motor and the rear suspension arms of the Tamiya Frog. 

What is the depreciation of RC cars

RC cars depreciate by 30% yearly.
They lose their value as they experience wear and tear and get some parts fixed or replaced.

Should you keep your RC car in the box for its value to appreciate

Vintage or classic RCs are usually kept in storage for up to 20 years. This way, the original  parts are intact and the car looks just as it was bought. 

But the model and type of RC car should be considered. A cheap RC car is not going to appreciate even when kept as new. Some RC cars models are limited editions like the FreeflyTero or Porsche 934 or 935. This type can be stored for appreciation over the years. 

Will a hobbyist pay for a used RC car

Collectors like to have complete RC kits and parts. Some RC model parts are rare to get as new ones and hobbyists do not mind buying the used but original parts.

 How much are used RCs priced

Used RCs have a low market value and how much they sell for depends on how much a buyer is willing to pay. 

Most hobbyists do not care for used RC cars. They prefer to buy a new RC at a higher price than buying a used one with upgrades at a low price. Used RCs are a good alternative for beginners who are just starting the hobby and cannot afford the pricey vehicles.  

How much does a good RC car cost

A good RC car costs from $100 to $800 with complex and faster cars priced at $1,000 and more. 

Final Thoughts

 An RC car holds value by the way it is used or maintained. Selling your RC car to get money or a newer one is a way to get value for it.
But, well-used and repaired RCs have a low market value when you resell them.
Unbuilt RCs kept in the same condition as they were bought have a higher value and might come close to the actual amount you bought them.