Do RC cars Often break? How Durable Are They? (Explained)

RC cars are great toys that can jump as high as 5 or more feet in the air. However, not all can survive such use, but there are some that can. There are a variety of RC cars, it is best to know the most durable of them all. In this article, we’ll be showing you some of the most durable cars out there. 

How Durable Are RC Cars? Is It Easy To Break One?

Durability is an important factor to consider before buying an RC car. You need to know how long it will last before purchasing it, so you don’t end up pouring your money down the drain.

Hobby-grade RC cars are strong and can survive a lot of beating and hard use. Avoid purchasing toy-grade cars, those cars are for kids.
RC cars are designed to be used frequently and maintained after use. They can be pushed to a limit and still be in perfect working condition, as long as maintenance is carried out. 

Since most RC cars come with spare parts, you can always change the parts when you feel it needs to be changed, making it last longer for you. 

RC cars are durable machines designed to take a beating and abuse. Austin Kirk’s crash CC BY 2.0

Toy-Grade vs Hobby-Grade Cars (Durability perspective)

A toy-grade RC car is less expensive than a hobby-grade RC car, but it is less durable and has pieces that are not intended to be reassembled. When a toy-grade RC car breaks, the pieces are not replaceable, thus you must replace the entire vehicle.

Hobby-grade cars are significantly more durable, less likely to break, and made out of high-quality components and materials, and designed to suffer much beating. Unlike toy-grade cars which are likely to break at their first landing on the ground.

RTR (Ready To Run) vs. Kit, which Can Handle More Beating

RTR cars are less durable than kit cars. While using RTR cars, you don’t get to learn everything there is to know about how your automobile works. You’ll have to learn how to replace anything if it breaks. RC Car Kits, on the other hand, require you to build the complete car from the ground up, allowing you to become familiar with each component.

Kit cars are usually more durable than RTR cars. It can handle a lot of beating and abuse and still be in perfect shape. You can custom kit cars so they will be made out of the most durable components and last longer.
Kit cars come with a lot of parts that can be fixed, hence they can be replaced. 

Nitro vs. Electric, Does One Break More Than The Other

When comparing an electric RC to a nitro RC, they may appear to be extremely different, however, they share many similarities. That being said, if you want to do crazy stuff with an RC car like jumping, driving on walls and going at high speeds, it’s important to know which one will handle the beating better.

Nitro RC cars and electric RC cars are both durable, provided they are made out of high quality components. However, there are certain things that make electric cars more usable. 

Electric cars are more usable than Nitro RC cars because of their waterproof nature. As a result, the enjoyment is endless. It can be driven in the rain or on a snow-covered field. You can count on it to endure moisture and wetness. 

When it comes to durability, electric cars are a sure bet. Most times, most hobbyists love to use their toys in outdoor spaces – usually in the snow or on wet grounds. Comparing a nitro to an electric in this scenario, you can tell that an electric car would last longer. 

What Is The Most Likely Part To Break In Your Car

It is actually hard to break RC cars since they are so sturdy. However, some parts may need to be replaced to handle hard use. 

Under heavy side impacts, the arms might break, so having some on hand is usually a smart idea. Suspension arm holders are the oblong pieces of plastic mounted in front and at the back of both the front and rear bulkheads that retain the metal pins that go through the arms. 

Occasionally, rather than breaking an arm, the pin will tear out of these blocks. Most hobbyists will use an alloy upgrade in this area later in the future.

A Day-to-Day Use Won’t Break Your RC Car

If you utilize an RC car properly and use high quality parts when building it, it should survive a long time. If precautions are taken, it will be difficult for an RC car to shatter.

However, some RC cars like toy-grade cars might break a few hours after opening a box. This isn’t usually the case for hobby-grade RC cars if you drive them with care and maintain it properly

RC Cars Break on the Track Only If You Are a Bad Driver

Racing RC cars will not break easily on the track. 

RC cars, and especially ones that are customized for the track are super strong and can suffer a lot.
The only thing that can make your RC car break on the track is bad driving, constantly crashing into walls or other cars.

When you improve your driving skills and become a good racer, your RC car will not break after each race, and will just need to be maintained properly.

The Most Durable RC Car Brand

It is important to have some features in mind before judging a car’s durability. A car that is waterproof with a good tire and shock absorber will help you determine if it is durable or not. 

The most durable brand of RC cars are also the most known ones. This includes Traxxas, HB Racing RC cars, Axial, Mugen RC cars, HPI Racing, Redcat racing cars, and ARRMA. 


Now that you have this information at the tip of your fingers, you can see that investing in a good RC car is an excellent choice because it can handle a lot of hard use and beating, as long as maintenance measures are taken.