About Leisure Guided

Leisure Guided is a website that covers all kinds of hobbies. The website was originally started as a side project by Oliver Moore during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and has since become his full-time work.

Initially, the site focused on RC vehicles, specifically RC cars. Oliver wanted to share his vast experience with other RC hobbyists and provide a reliable source of information for other hobbyists, as he found that there were no reliable RC sites on the web at that time. He wrote many articles about RC cars during the pandemic lockdown, and he continues to write all the articles about RC cars and vehicles.

As the site grew, Oliver received many messages asking him questions about related topics that readers couldn’t find online. These messages and requests led him to add more writers to the site and expand it into a hobby site, rather than just an RC blog.

We in Leisure Guided believe that real hobbyists should write about their field of expertise, which is why only real hobbyists write for this site.

The best content will be provided by writers who are engaged in their hobby, have many years of experience, and can provide genuine information for readers and fellow hobbyists.

Leisure Guided aims to provide the best source of information online, and we are always open to hearing from hobbyists who are looking for missing information or who want to share their knowledge in a particular field and become writers.

It’s important to mention that Leisureguided.com is user-supported, which means that all of their operations are funded by hobbyists. This doesn’t mean that they get paid by hobbyists, but it does mean that some of the links on the site are affiliated links. Leisure Guided earns a commission for each purchase made after clicking one of their links. Affiliate programs fall under a company’s marketing budget, and these programs are a form of performance-based marketing where companies pay affiliates (or publishers) a commission for promoting their products or services and driving sales or leads.

Buyers will not pay more for a product or service purchased through an affiliate link. The price of the product or service is typically the same whether the buyer purchases it through an affiliate link or directly from the seller or merchant.

Editor – Oliver Moore

My name is Oliver, and I’m the editor of LeisureGuided.com.
I’m in charge of all research, writing, and editing of the content in this blog.
You can contact me with any questions.


Writer – Lawrence Henderson

Hi I’m Lawrence.
Im a martial arts instructor for the past 9 years, and I’m all into miniatures and models.
I’ve joined Leisureguided as a writer in 2022 and I’m loving every moment.
You can contact me for any questions and suggestions.