How fast is the Team Associated SC10? (updated)


The SC10 is an electric, ready-to-run short course race truck released by Team Associated (sometimes called Associated Electronics) in 2010. The RC truck is an imitation of the race trucks in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series, and it is built on the 6-time ROAR National Championship RC10T4 platform.

Team Associated perfectly replicated the design of the trucks, even down to the tread multi-terrain tires; every detail is almost identical to the full-size race trucks that race around the country in the short-course off-road series. The SC10’s authentic short course replica racing truck body gives the full racing experience to its drivers.

What speeds can the sc10 reach?

The SC10RS’s top speed on a 2S LiPo is 28.9mph.
Some claim that the SC10 can get up to 35mph with a 2S 7.4 LiPo battery. Team Associated’s SC10RS (Race-Spec) has won the 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 R.O.A.R. National Championships.

What motor powers the sc10?

An impressive Reedy 3300kV Brushless motor powers the SC10. This motor is a brushless 17.5-turn motor; it offers increased power and allows the short course truck to reach speeds up to almost 30mph. It is designed with the latest brushless motor technology.

What batteries are in the sc10?

This short course truck runs on a WolfPack LiPo 3300mAh 30C 7.4V Battery. The LiPo battery comes with the truck. It has a hinged battery hold-down strap that can fit up to 8-cell LiPo battery packs or NiMH battery packs. The truck comes ready to run right of the box, but buyers will need to buy eight AA batteries for the transmitter before starting to use the RC.

Is the Team Associated sc10 a 2WD or 4WD?

The SC10 is an electric 2 wheel drive RC truck.

2WDs are affordable and simple to build, but they are also difficult to maneuver. The competition between 2WDs and 4WDs is almost as old as the RC industry itself. For years RC hobbyists and professional RC car racers alike have debated over which design not only gives better control but also makes for an all-round better experience. Some have argued that the 2WD is better due to its cheap cost and ease of assembly. Others say that the 4WD’s speed and power sets it far above all 2WDs. Although those who support the 2WD can not contest the fact that the 4WD is a lot faster, they have claimed that the 2WD’s control difficulty increases the prowess of RC vehicle drivers because of the higher skills needed to drive 2WD cars. 

Besides its lower cost, the 2WD is much more durable and easy to maintain than a 4WD. Beginners usually use it because many believe that if you start with a 2WD, upgrading to a 4WD will be a lot simpler.

Is the SC10 the fastest Team Associated car?

Even though it can go up to an incredible speed of almost 30mph, the SC10 is not the fastest Team Associated car. That honor goes to the Team Associated’s TC3. On October 24, 1999, the TC3 became known as the World’s Fastest Touring Car after reaching a mind-blowing speed of 70.67mph at NORCCA’s annual Oktoberfest oval race. This new record broke history as the fastest speed ever recorded for a 1/10 scale 4WD touring RC car. 

Is it good for racing?

The SC10 is modeled after real-life race trucks from the Lucas Oil racing series, making it one of the best RC trucks for racing in the industry. It has a low center of gravity, and it turns corners much better than most other RC vehicles. The SC10 has been dubbed the best RC race car by many RC enthusiasts.

If you want an RC truck for bashing, the SC10 is not for you. It is best suited for people who want to have the full racing experience of the race trucks that the SC10 is modeled after.

How can you make the SC10 faster?

A variety of factors affect how fast a radio-controlled car can be. Factors such as the type of motor, the type of car, or the battery used. There are many ways to increase the speed of the SC10; it has many tuning options that can be used to modify your truck, including:

  • Changing its tires: The quality of the tires on your RC car affects how fast or how slow it moves. Poor quality tires are difficult to handle and have substandard traction. With good quality tires, RC cars can achieve higher speed and turn corners a lot better.
  • Choosing a different battery pack: For the SC10 it can fit LiPo batteries and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries. LiPo batteries are generally lighter and a lot more powerful than NiMH, so changing your battery pack from  NiMH to LiPo will increase the speed of your RC. Unfortunately, LiPo batteries are also more expensive and require buying a suitable charger.
  • Upgrading its motor: The SC10 is equipped with a brushless motor which is better than a brushed motor, but you can buy a motor with a higher kV to increase your RC’s speed.
  • Adjusting the gear ratio: The acceleration of your RC vehicle can be increased by adjusting either one or both of the gears on it, i.e., the pinion gear and the spur gear.
  • Changing the pinion gear (gear directly attached to the motor): For pinion gears, the higher the teeth, the faster the RC will go. Larger pinion gears usually have more teeth than smaller ones, so you can replace your pinion gear with a larger one to increase your RC speed.
  • Changing the spur gear (the larger gear): The number of teeth on your spur gear affects the overall speed of your car or truck: the fewer the teeth, the faster the vehicle. Be sure not to take off too many to avoid overheating the Reedy motor.
  • Reducing its weight: The weight of your RC car plays a major role in how fast it goes. One way to reduce its weight is by replacing some heavy parts with lighter parts. This will reduce the pressure placed on the wheels and allow them to move faster. Be careful not to make your car too light as this can affect its balance.
  • And last but not least, practice. Practicing has a huge effect on how well you move your car, and it will affect how fast your car moves. There are many speed-increasing tactics that you will discover from practicing.

What is the PRO4 version of the sc10?

Team Associated’s Pro4 SC10 is a modified version of the SC10 featuring some incredible upgrades that are not common in regular RTR vehicles. It surpasses the SC10 model in every way imaginable with its impact-absorbing front and rear bumpers with LEDs, water-resistant Reedy brushless speed control, three sealed gear differentials, water-resistant enclosed receiver box, and so much more. 

The truck drives on Fifteen52 Turbomac HD wheels wrapped in realistic off-road all-terrain tires and has threaded, oil-filled coil-over shock absorbers.


Team Associated has created some of the best RC vehicles out there, and the SC10 and Pro4 SC10 RTR trucks have both significantly contributed to Team Associated’s reputation as one of the world’s leading RC vehicle manufacturers in the industry. Several RC enthusiasts have added the SC10 and Pro4 SC10 to their collection. And for anyone who is just starting their RC journey or needs an RC truck to compete in races, we recommend you check out the SC10 and the Pro4 SC10.