4 Best shock oils for RC Rock crawler + TopTips (2023)


Before you can pick the right shock oil for your RC vehicle, you must first understand why shock oil is needed in the vehicle. Based on the off-road mode of operation of Crawlers; jolts, bumps, and vibrations are encountered during driving of the vehicle

As the name implies, an RC shock absorber is a small device that absorbs jolts and vibrations in a vehicle. These shock absorbers are small oil pumps that possess a small piston, a rod, a spring, and a seal that stops any leakage of the shock oil.

#1 The best shock oil for crawlers is The Traxxas silicone-based shock oil

The Traxxas silicone-based shock oil is the best oil for RC crawler’s shock absorbers. This shock oil is guaranteed to get the best out of your RC crawler, no matter the terrain difficulity.
Just like amongst other brands, Traxxas is still the loudest name heard in this sector of the RC racing world. Traxxas silicone shock oil set is the best of shocks for off-road and trail RC cars, specifically Crawlers. This set of 100% pure silicone oils (of varying weights)  allows accurate RC car suspension tuning for maximum operation, no matter how bumpy the road may be. The precision-pour, twist-nozzle cap enables for quick, easy, and neat re-filling of shocks.

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3 other widely recognized top-notch shock oils recommended for Crawlers

#2 Flashpoint silicone shock oil

this multi-set of shock oil is famous for its consistency. Its viscosity does not reduce even when the oil is contaminated. Your thick oil remains Thick till you change it again. The bottles come with a flip-top cap to prevent leakage. Each set comes with six different oil weights. Starting from 30WT ( which is the lightest) to 90WT( the heaviest thickness).

Flashpoint silicone shock oil

#3 Team Losi Racing silicone shock oil

shock oil from TLR does not thin out in hot weather or thicken up in cold weather. Team Losi Racing silicone shock oil set is generally slightly thicker than Team Associated’s shock oil when bottles with the same weight rating are compared with each other.

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#4 Team Associated silicone shock oil

Although not as thick as Team Losi’s multiset, Team Associated also retains its thickness no matter the environment or weather conditions. Its viscosity is literally and figuratively constant come rain or sunshine

All aforementioned oil sets are 100% silicone-based, ensuring that your crawler’s shock is maximally maintained without the tendency of solvent build-ups. Due to the heavy weight of RC Crawler cars, very thick weights of shock oils are needed. All sets listed above, have varying consistencies ranging from 30wT to 90wT. 

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*Keep Reading For Great Tips:

How do you oil an RC Crawler shock?

Shocks for different vehicles are pretty similar but there is no ‘best’ or standard way to oil your RC shock. This is because several people choose to undergo this process differently. Although there is no particular way to go about this, there are still a lot of people who oil their shocks in the worst way imaginable.

The most popular way of oiling shocks is through the following process.
In these 10 easy steps that takes about 30 minutes your crawler’s shocks will be as good as new:

  1. Remove the shock absorber from the car by unscrewing it
  2. Disassemble the spring from the shock itself
  3. Unscrew the cap and pour out the dirty fluid.
  4. Clean the shock out with a paper towel
  5. Move the piston down the shock, then pour in your fluid to about half of the body.
  6. Using the piston, chug the oil slowly. This is done to get rid of air bubbles in the oil
  7. Leave the shock in an upright position and let it breathe for about 10 minutes.
  8. Exercise the piston again, then fill it up with more fluid. Fill it up till the meniscus of the oil concaves downwards.
  9. Exercise the piston again. To get rid of the newly formed air bubbles. Leave to sit in an upright position for about 15 minutes now.
  10. Close your shock with the cap and assemble it into your RC crawler.
How to oil an RC Crawler shock?

 How full should RC shocks be?

The RC shock should be approximately 90% filled up with shock oil.

At that percentage, there should be enough oil in the shock to cover the tip of the rod inside the device conveniently. This is done to ensure that too much oil does not seep into the bleeder 

How much oil do you put in an RC crawler’s shock?

For most RC crawlers’ shocks, 2 Ounces of shock oil are enough to get your shock comfy and dampened. 2 Ounces is equivalent to 56.699 grams or 59.1 mL. 

What kind of oil should you use for RC shocks?

Silicone shock oil is highly recommended for RC crawlers. Unlike other oil alternatives, silicon-based shock oils have been proven harmless to RC cars. It doesn’t have build-ups and performs perfectly in varying weather conditions. These oils do not damage your shocks and save you money for repairs.

An alternative is motor oil. While these oils aren’t as versatile as silicone-based oils, they have been tested to be good substitutes for your shock absorber. They are also very good for lubrication. Keep in mind that, unlike silicone shock oil, motor oils have solvent build-ups that are likely to harm your shocks.

Silicone oil can be freely used, Motor oil needs to be measured out strictly to make sure the exact amount is being used for the desired RC car. The reason for this is that motor oil can make parts of the RC car break more quickly than they normally would.

The safer and wisest choice when picking shock oils is to go with Silicon oil. But in case of emergencies, motor oil can serve as a substitute. 

What does a thicker shock oil do?

The density of shock oil is generally gauged in CST or WT – the higher the number, the thicker the oil. 

Thicker shock oil makes for slower rebounds. The weight of the shock oil can alter the stiffness or snappiness of a shock absorber. 

When thicker oil is used, the shock absorber feels stiffer, but when a thinner shock oil is used, the spring becomes snappy.
With lighter shock oil, the rebound is much quicker due to the swift rate at which the oil will flow. Heavier oil takes time to flow, thereby slowing down the RC shock’s rebound. Have it in mind also that an RC car’s shock oil requirement changes depending on temperature.

At some temperatures, lighter shock oils are advised rather than the thicker alternatives. Thinner shock oil can drift faster for having lesser density.
In small automobiles, it improves responsiveness. It will also make the car, load and unload weights quickly.

However, using too light oil can make the car twitchy. 

How do I choose my RC shock oil?

To choose the right shock oil,

  • You must consider the weight of your RC crawler or vehicle.
    It’s usually around 40-50 wt depending on your RC’s weight. Also, recommended RC shock oil for jumping is 55-70 wt. This depends on the height of the jumps.
    The universal rule in the RC world is that the heavier your vehicle is, the higher the CST or WT of shock oil is required for the car. For example, Crawlers require higher CST shock oil than most models because they are heavy.
  • Consider the temperature in which you’re using your RC.
    as stated before, the temperature affect the density of the shock oil (the colder it is, the denser it gets). Therefore, when choosing the best shock oil, consider what will be the temps in which it will run.
  • The size of the absorber also determines the sort of shock oil you would need. If your RC car has a small absorber, it will use less oil. The opposite is true as well – larger absorbers will use more oil.
  • You also need to gauge the stiffness of the spring around the shock absorber before you can purchase your oil. If the spring is already relaxed and bouncy, then not as much oil is required. For stiffer springs, you will need more oil.

It is after considering these factors that you can be able to pick the most suitable shock oil for your shock. 

What does RC shock oil do?

Due to the purpose they were made for, Remote controlled Crawlers are more collision prone than other RC cars. Generally, shock oil helps to slow down rebounds of your RC crawler. It helps the RC vehicle assimilate the vibrations and other effects of impacting the surface.
With crawlers its important to choose a good shock oil since the shocks are working hard, and a well functioning shock will make the difference of a god ride vs. a bad and unsuccessful ride.

Shock oils also improve an RC car’s responsiveness to bumps and pot-holes along the road while driving; Especially for RC crawlers.


Not only is changing your crawler’s shock oil necessary to control a rebound in your RC crawler, but it’s also part of maintenance practices for your vehicle.

Taking care of the rest of your crawler without paying attention to the shocks is just like going for a complete spa treatment and refusing to get your facials done! Every part of the RC crawler is important, no matter how small the part may look.

Knowing the best shock oil is not enough to pick the right oil for your vehicle. This is where many drivers have gotten it wrong in the past. When you are planning on changing your shock oil, do not forget to consider the weight of your car, the size of its absorbers, the stiffness of its spring, and the WT of the shock oil.