Are Nitro RC Cars Worth It? (An Honest Review)

Nitro RC cars have lost their grace in the past years due to the rise of electric RC cars. Today nitro RC cars are being used mainly by hardcore RC drivers and they are not the choice of beginner RC drivers.

With all the capabilities of electric RC cars, there is the question that many RC hobbyists ask themselves, and that is, are nitro RC cars still worth it, and should you buy a nitro RC car?

Are Nitro RC Cars Worth It?

Nitro RC cars are a popular choice among RC car enthusiasts for their realistic features, including fuel-powered engines that produce smoke and noise, giving them a soul-like quality.

They can reach a top speed of 100 mph and last for years with proper maintenance. However, nitro RC cars can be challenging for beginners to learn how to drive and may require additional costs for maintenance and upgrades.

Should You Buy a Nitro RC Car?

Unlike electric RC cars, nitro RC vehicles are powered by nitro fuel, have a noisy engine, and have an exhaust that produces many fumes. 

So, if you’re considering getting an RC car, ask yourself; Do you love the smell of fuel and the sound of a loud engine, or the smokes that fuel the air when they start running? If you do, then you should get yourself a nitro RC car. 

There’s nothing worth more than the smell and sound of a nitro RC car

Are Nitro RC Cars Fast?

Today, electric cars have a build that makes them some of the taste RC cars on the race track with advanced features like the Lipo batteries and brushless motors. However, this does not mean nitro cars are slow. 

Nitro cars can reach a top speed of 100 mph when driven by experienced users. This means they are faster than electric RC cars that use brushed motors. Likewise, they can also go faster than most brushless motors if they are well-tuned. 

Does Nitro Rc’s Break a Lot?

It’s very rare for nitro cars to break, especially when used and maintained properly.
However, nitro cars do break when aren’t handled with care. Nitros are well built machines but if you dont take care of them properly they can show signs of wear and break. 

Some common malfunctions you might notice may include: 

  • Nitro car runs weird when getting hot,
  • Nitro engine won’t run,
  • RC car stalls every time you start your engine.

Are Nitro RC Cars Hard to Maintain

If you want your nitro cars to operate at their maximum potential like regular cars, you need to maintain them. Corrosion occurs in your nitro cars due to moisture that accumulated from the hot motor and heat from the exhaust. 

The good news, nitro RC cars are easy to maintain. To keep your nitro cars strong and running for long, while ensuring it performs well only needs you to perform after-run maintenance procedures, which include:

  • Emptying the fuel tank
  • Cleaning the engine case and 
  • Clean the carburetor

These after-run procedures will prevent possible rusting corrosion of your car’s metals. 

Are nitro RC cars thrilling? 

The performance, sound, smell, and speed of nitro cars are what make them exceptional.

Plus, what you see is not what you get as you’re not just sticking with the initial model as people are modifying their cars to have better performance, speed and durability, not just for their looks.

Even though you have an electric car with a great brushless system, nitro RC cars still rank top for many RC fans. They can reach a speed from 35mph to 100mph.

For most fans, the constant tinkering noise of the vehicle and the smell they emit makes for the most enjoyable experience. For this reason, electric cars may not match the expectations of many nitro-powered RC car lovers.

Are Nitro’s Hard to Drive and Skill?

Nitro cars are not hard to drive. However, they can be difficult for beginners to learn since they come designed to roar with power and fast speed that requires skillful control. There’s also the risk of driving on a race track while carrying a flammable fuel tank. Racers need to master their driving expertise to drive a nitro-powered RC car. 

How Long Does a Nitro RC Car Last? 

Nitro-powered RC cars will last for years with proper maintenance. All you need do is make sure to regularly change the fuel, clean the engine casing, and also make sure the carburetor is spotlessly clean at all times. 

Are Nitro RC Cars Faster Than Electric?

Electric RC vehicles come with two powerful motors that keep them invincible on a drive, the brushless and brushed motors. 

Today, most electric RC car comes with brushless motors, which are known to top the tastes speed record for RC cars, even faster than nitro. However, nitro’s are also fast on the track as they can reach a speed of 100mph when used by a skilled user.

Are Nitro RC Cars Expensive?

The initial cost of nitro RC cars is inexpensive compared to electric RC cars and other hobby-grade vehicles. That’s due to the superior quality materials used in making nitro-powered models.

However, you may want to give the car a personal touch after purchase by remodeling it, making you spend more.

Are There Additional Costs to Nitro RC Car?

With a nitro car, it’s not just about the purchase price that matters. Many nitro fans may want to upgrade their vehicles to suit their taste. Hence, they tend to replace stock parts like tires, shocks, and bodies, which may incur a significant amount from your account. 

In addition, you will need to refuel the tank regularly, change the oil, and perform regular maintenance to keep them functioning well.

So there are additional costs for nitro RC cars, but it’s well worth it.

A Nitro Model You Should Consider

If you’re looking for a nitro-powered RC model that runs on high RPM, are faster than most electric RC cars, can be used regularly in tournaments and competitions, or just for the thrill of smelling its racy fumes or want to hear the noise it makes, consider getting a Traxxas Revo 3.3 Monster Truck. 

The Traxxas Revo 3.3 Monster Truck comes in four awesome colors to suit your taste, has a sleek design that stands out from most models, comes with the new Geode wheels and 6.5inch sized tires that make them wider and taller, and has digital waterproof servos that work perfectly for all climate. 

Another feature of this model is the 3.3 racing engine that works perfectly for speed racing. Talk about the smoke and sound effects, and you can’t help but enjoy the volcanic roar of the monster truck and the addictive smell of the fumes. 


A key advantage of using a nitro-powered RC car is that you can go a long distance without worrying about the battery life since you only need to add fuel.

Plus, they are water-resistant as their materials are built to strongly resist water. Nitro RC cars also run faster than electric cars that use brushed motors, and some brushless motors if the engine is well-tuned.

The most thrilling factors are the increased realism of the noisy sound and exhaust fumes. If you love this realistic feel nitro RC cars bring to you, then they’re definitely worth the buy. 

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