Best model kits for beginners


Are you a beginner in model building and looking for some suggestions for a good starter kit?

Zvezda, Revell, Trumpeter, Italeri, and Tamiya make some good entry-level WW I and WWII starter kits new modelers would enjoy and can get in their local hobby store. But, these brands each have something that makes them slightly better than the other. 

Whether you prefer an airplane from World War II or a military tank from World War I, here are some of the best model kits for entry-level modelers. 

1. Tamiya p-47

Tamiya is a good starter brand. If you love aircraft models, this 1/48 P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft helps you design the versatile and specialized US Thunderbolt plane, which serves as a Fighter and a Ground attacker. 

This was one of the first models I did to get back into model building. 

It is accurately designed to look like the original aircraft and is easy to paint. That said, some parts may be challenging to piece together due to their small size. 



Good detail

Good parts count

It takes only a few hours to build.


You may need tweezers to fit small parts

2. Tamiya corsair

If you’re going to go full out on aircraft models, this Tamiya Corsair should be your next kit. 

It is an enjoyable kit and one beginner modeler can assemble it in five hours. The corsair has nice cockpit details, works well with acrylic paints, and will be a good kit for entry-level modelers to practice their weathering skills. 

However, I’ll recommend applying varnish on the acrylic paints after painting so they last longer.


You can build this airplane in 5 hours

Accurate details to the original

Works well with acrylic paints

Easy to assemble


Some parts may be missing

3. Tamiya M4A3E8 Easy Eight

Away from aircraft models, this Tamiya Sherman Easy Eight tank from the Korean war is exceptionally detailed. 

It may not come with many parts, but this model tank, when assembled, especially if you try the dirt on tract effects, will look impressive in your fancy collection. 

The instructions are well-detailed and easy to understand. Entry-level modelers will be able to put this model together with ease. 


Attention to detail makes it look very realistic

Easy to understand instructions

Easy to paint

Not much pieces


The small parts make assembly time-consuming

4. Tamiya Jeep

For beginner car model builders, the Tamiya 1/35 Willy Jeep is a quick-drive jeep that comes almost fully assembled and needs a little tweaking to get the perfect showroom fit. It strikes the perfect balance between hobby-grade and toy-grade model cars. 

This jeep comes with movable parts like the wheels and doors like the real jeep. The instructions are straightforward and will help beginner builders assemble the model quickly. 

The only regrettable part of this kit is that you may need an additional paint job to make it look like the real jeep. 


Easy to assemble

The wheels turn, and the doors open

Well-designed parts


Requires more paint job to get a rough up look

5. Airfix Messerschmitt Bf109E-4

Besides Tamiya, Airfix makes some cool aircraft models, and this 1/72 WW II Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 is a good example. 

Everything about this aircraft is gorgeous. On average, it takes about 20 hours to put the kit together since the parts fit perfectly. However, I’d recommend priming and sanding the model before painting so that the paint sticks well. 


Strong and durable parts

Easy to assemble

Easy to paint

You can build the plane in a day


Paints won’t stick well if not primed and sanded. 

6. Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc

For experienced builders, Spitfire does not need any introduction. Everyone loves them, and beginner modelers will too. 

Like many airplane models, this Supermarine Spitfire ML.IXc is small and with fiddly parts. But, it’s cheap, good quality, and simple, so it’ll be a good kit for beginners. 



Easy to assemble

Parts are flash free



It is small and has fiddly parts

7. Airfix Spitfire Starter Set

All the Airfix starter sets are great, and I’ve built most of them. But, the Spitfire Starter Set is far more glorious in build than most. 

It is cheap, includes basic paints and brushes, and gives you an intro to the expensive hobby of aircraft model building. What’s not to like?

While it’s a little model with less than 34 pieces and no painting or gluing required, it is well-built with detailed parts. 


Easy snap assembly

No painting or glue required

Includes basic building tools

Highly durable parts


While a small build, it might not be easy for some people with the inclusion of movable parts

8. Airfix Pz.Kw. V Panther Tank

This is one of those WW II German tanks every entry-level builder wants to own. 

It ranks one of my favorites for its smooth ride, excellent details, and simplified assembly. Plus, the wheels and hull are designed accurately, and the instructions are very clear. It would be a great first or second-build kit. 

The only challenge beginner builders may face is painting this tank to achieve the perfect scale realism. 


Designed accurately

Few parts

Clear instructions

Easy to assemble


Painting might be difficult

9. Eduard Liberating Beauties

This kit is one of Eduard’s limited 1/72 aircraft editions beginners will love. 

While it’s a re-boxed kit of the Academy brand, its build is exceptional. It combines the simplicity of older airplane models and modern details that will make beginner experience the fun of model building. Nevertheless, its simplicity is still far behind later Hasegawa B-24 kits. 

Besides this, the instructions are drawn on an A-4 glossy paper in English and Czech so that beginners can easily understand what they see. 


Exceptional build

Clear instructions

Easy to assemble

Well detailed parts


It could be more straightforward

10. Academy p-51 mustang

Another airplane kit beginners will love is this p-51 mustang by Academy. 

It is one of the cheapest P-51 mustangs on the market. But, the fact that it’s cheap doesn’t make it low quality. In fact, it is nearly flawless with almost fool-proof engineering. 

Although, the parts are prone to breaking during assembly since they are extremely fragile. 


It has a good fit 

Exceptional details



Parts might snap when removing them from the spruce

11.Revell 05722 – F4U-4 Corsair Flying Bulls

If you’re new to model building and don’t want to spend so much on a kit, this model will be a good starter kit. 

The Corsair is a fine kit with durable and high-quality parts. The instructions can be very confusing for this model. Nonetheless, the kit is built accurately and will look gorgeous even for a first or second build. 



Good details

Includes clear parts

A fun build


It may still require some effort like seam filling and a bit of sanding

12. Revell Snaptite Build and Play Star Wars: The Last Jedi Millennium Falcon

When we say that model building is a fun hobby, it is basically because of models like this. 

Star Wars fans will love this scale model of the Last Jedi Millennium Falcon from Revell. Kids between the age of 10 to 15 will even find this kit easy to build, especially as it is pre-painted and has moving parts to look like the real thing. 

However, on a first look, it may seem more like a toy than the typical hobby-grade model. 


Easy to assemble

Detailed parts like the original


Well made


It looks like a toy and may not appeal to adult builders

13. Revell Junkers Ju 88A-4 Bomber

Unlike the other airplane models listed in this guide, this bomber aircraft from Revell has the highest parts count (a total of 286 parts), which could make the building process confusing for first-time builders. 

Nonetheless, it doesn’t take long to build since it has a straightforward design. Plus, the instructions are attractive and easy to follow, with over 90 constructional stages shown in clear and concise illustrations. 


High-quality parts

Good details

Comprehensive instructions

Easy to assemble


Large parts count can make assembly frustrating

14. Revell Corvette C7R

This kit is designed to meet the latest Corvette standard race cars today. So, if you love race cars, you want this kit in your collection. 

For a car model, this Corvette C7R is quite pricey, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. Luckily, this kit was straightforward to assemble, so beginners won’t be frustrated, like when building models with large parts count. 


Good fit

Straightforward build

Easy to assemble

Clear instructions


A bit pricey

What kits should you avoid

Most model kit brands often design their kits to be top-quality, but the fact is that perfection isn’t any brand’s niche and strong point. 

Every brand listed here, from Airfix to Tamiya, Revell, Academy, and Eduard makes some of the best kits in the market, but some of their models may be a hit or mix. 

For instance, Airfix makes some good kits. Yet, their 1/72 YAK 9D is a miss. It is badly molded, with hardly any detail and more flash than on any airplane kit.

Any 1:72 or 1:48 kit will be good for beginners

Model kits are usually grouped in scales, from 1/5 to 1/700, depending on the area of focus (aircraft, cars, tanks, and figures). 

For new modelers, 1/72 and 1/48 scale kits are the easiest builds that suit beginner skill levels. These kits often have low parts count and will be easy to handle and build.

 So, when choosing your first kit, any 1/72 or 1/48 kit will be a good choice.

Find a kit that you like rather than a recommended one

Recommendations play a significant role in helping new modelers choose a suitable model for their skill, like these 14 kits we’ve discussed above. Yet, it’s always best to find one that intrigues you, no matter how large it may seem. 

Kits like this keep you motivated to keep going forward even if the assembly does not turn out as perfect as you would like.


The best model kits for beginners aren’t always about the brand. Every brand we’ve listed in this guide provides beginners with state-of-the-art kits that help them improve their skills, but the fact remains that model building won’t be a fun hobby when you buy a model you don’t like. 

So, when choosing your first mode, consider the one you really like around the 1/72 or 1/48 scale, no matter how difficult it may seem.