Fun Warhammer models to paint


Every miniature enthusiast loves their Warhammer models, but many are not particularly proud of some pieces they’ve painted since they are not display-quality. 

Then again, what most painters don’t really consider is that they don’t have to be good painters to have fun painting their Warhammer figures. 

If you’re in the market for fun rather than display-worthy pieces, this guide will help you choose some fun Warhammer models to paint

First, try to understand what is the type of figures that you like

Painting involves spending a lot of time covering every little detail in color. So, if you don’t like the figure you are looking at, you may feel less motivated to paint. 

Before choosing a model, try to understand what type of figures you like. Do you like painting skin, shadowing, weapons or metals, or weathering effects?

If that’s not necessarily your thing, perhaps something with some textural detail like fur or feathers?

Any model can be as easy, fun, or difficult to paint as you want it to be. Still, no matter how complicated a model may be, being interested in it makes the painting fun. 

The most fun Warhammer models to paint

Don’t want to play safe on cash? Then there are some of the most fun Warhammer models to paint. 

1. Ork Warboss

There really hasn’t been a more fun Warhammer model produced than an Ork Warboss. In fact, beginners can enjoy their time painting this model since, like all Warhammer Orks, they look good with a little paint scheme. 

This model also allows you to go wild with color mixing and freehand techniques. But, I had a more fun time with my Ork Warboss mainly because it allowed me to follow a style I want. Plus, you can just make everything random weird, and crazy. 

Ork Warboss with Attack Squig

2. Nurgle

Nurgle Age of Sigmar armies is also a fun model to paint, especially since they are very forgiving of paint. 

You can practically choose your scheme using bright and dark colors, no matter how monstrous Nurgles look. Yet, the best part about painting Nurgle daemons is that, even when you mess the paint up, it still looks cool. 

Besides this, if you like the interplay between countless zits, exposed guts, and rotting flesh on a model, then you will find the daemons of Nurgle an entertaining piece. 

Beast of Nurgle

3. Abhorrant Archregent

Vampires may be a scary-looking figure from fantasy, but they are definitely one flesh-eater that is fun to paint, especially since their details makes them a challenge. 

This model combines everything you practically know about painting miniatures in one. From skin to painting metal, weapons, highlighting, and zenithal effects, you can easily try out every single technique you ever imagined on one model. 

Abhorrant Archregent

4. Primaris Chaplain

I’ve had the honor of painting a Primaris Chaplain, and trust me, it was so much delight!

They’re not the typical space marine models but were more challenging thanks to their surplus details and some different textures (metal, bone, parchment, and cloth). 

I’ve never really painted any model with many details like this, from the torso to the bucket and a purity seal. However, since I’ve been used to using washes on my regular space marines, I had a difficult time not doing so with this model since you practically can’t add depth with washes. 

But, a quick look at my techniques and I could use highlights to differentiate between materials and texture. 

5. Poxwalkers

Another challenging figure that makes painting Warhammer minis fun is this Death Guard Poxwalkers. 

This model has a decent amount of detail, but if you love painting skin,  these guys are a must-have. They are honestly one of the funniest models you may ever paint, especially with their smiley faces. 

Still, I absolutely love that you can give this model unique effects from what other painters do. I’ve even seen one Warhammer enthusiast paint a Fungai-looking effect other than the typical buboes they come with. 


6. Necrons

Necrons are probably the easiest army to paint while still having fun with them, thanks to their details. 

For instance, if you paint a Cryptek, you’ll have a lot of fun covering its ornamentation, especially the cloak, with paint. Then, there’s the Skorpekh Lord, which I found more challenging but pretty fun. 

I loved that each arm had a different weapon. So, I could easily add variety to the model, and I ended up using every technique possible to achieve a glowing effect on him. 

But, the best part of Necrons is that you can batch-paint them so long as you have the skills. 

Necron Warrior

7. Marines 

Left for most painters, Marines won’t top their list of fun models to paint since some people view them as boring models with barely any skill needed to paint them to table-top quality. 

While Marines are not as challenging as many people want, they are a nice canvas to practice getting wild with paint schemes. 

So, if you want a model that helps you enhance your skill, marines are a must-have. 

8. Space Marines

Space Marines, whether the Stormcast Eternals, Contemptor, Death Guard, or Thousand Sons, are the standard of fun when choosing your own details. 

They have a lot of variety in poses and accessories. Plus, they generally have unique chapter colors, badges, iconography, etc.

But, their wide range of customization options makes you want to stock them up and never stop painting. Besides this, they are an easy canvas, and you can spend time painting whatever color you want.

Space marines captain in gravis armour

9. Bladeguard Veterans 

While we’ve said space marines are fun, their Bladeguard Veterans are twice as fun. 

These guys have a lot of details, from their armor, shields, and weaponry. So, it would be a fun piece for Warhammer fans who want to really take their time painting a highly-detailed unit.

They also give way to mutation. You can literarily choose to equip your figures with boltguns, power swords, storm shields, or pistol options and they’ll look different and cool. 

Bladeguard Veteran

10. Venerable Dreadnought

If you love doing weathering effects, painting a Venerable Dreadnought will be delightful. 

These guys look cool with their embellishments and varying weapon detail options. However, they become a challenge to paint when you consider the little details on the purity seals and engraved armor plates. 

There’s also the fact that you can easily get wild with the colors by customizing the suit, head, legs, and of course, weaponry designs to match your preference.  

11. Black Templars Castellan

Ultramarines are cool, but Black Templars Castellan is way more fun. 

One thing I particularly love about this model is their pose and the crazed look in their eyes. If you’ve never painted eyes, especially ones with such intensity, then Templars Castellan may be a fun challenge. 

They also have details like cloaks, tabards, swords, guns, and armor, making them a great canvas to try various painting effects, from highlights to shading. 

Black Templars Castellan

What do you find fun? Going wild with a figure, or maybe taking a challenge to paint a difficult army?

Everybody has their definition of what they consider “Fun”.

On one hand, some mini painters love the challenge of painting a difficult army. On the other hand, some just want to do freehand painting on their models to make the kits uniquely different. 

Some people want an army with a good variety of models so they don’t have to paint the same model 800 times. Others want their Warhammer models to vary, with some being the same species but riding different vehicles or wearing different outfits. 

To successfully choose a model you will enjoy painting, your goals will help you define how fun your experience will be. 

Maybe you enjoy different techniques, and you need a more complex model

Do you enjoy using various techniques, from airbrushing to dry brushing, shading, edge highlighting, zenithal highlights, or speed painting? 

Of course, the challenge can be a good drive to experience the fun of the hobby. Many people have more pleasure when they can use the different techniques they’ve length on one complex model. 

Yet, this, of course, depends on how well you know your techniques. Airbrushing, or whatever technique you use, will feel more fun if you really know how they work and use them on a complex model. 

Consider starting with an army\scheme you didn’t paint before

So, to get started, you need a model. If you’re playing it safe on cash, find one you’ve never painted in your collection and start painting them. 

Fun may also mean practicing your skills. So, if you’ve been painting for a while and have eyes on one technique but haven’t had time for it, you can enjoy a pleasant time painting your model by practicing with color schemes you haven’t tried before. 

Final thoughts

Painting a Warhammer model requires skills to some level. Then again, every Warhammer kit will be more pleasant to paint if you know your goals and what really entertains you. 

From skins to texture, weathering effects, shadows, or weaponry, always choose a figure that motivates you just for the fun of it. 

If you’re looking for more challenges than these models listed here, read our guide on Hardest Warhammer 40K Army to Paint to enjoy a more delightful experience.