Warhammer 40K Space Marines Color Schemes


If you’re interested in painting your space marine, the good news is that you will find a lot of color schemes to paint on your figures.

The downside is you’ll probably get confused because space marines are broad, and each of their chapters has colors unique to them. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

In this guide, we explore the world of Warhammer 40K space marines to help you find a perfect color scheme for your model. 

The Lore and Culture of Space Marines

The Warhammer 40K space marines are genetically enhanced warriors in the Warhammer universe. They are basically the ultimate defenders of humanity in the Warhammer 40k universe. Hence they follow a strict code of conduct that emphasizes loyalty, duty, and self-sacrifice. 

In terms of lore, the space marines have a rich and varied history. They are divided into different chapters, each with its own unique characteristics, beliefs, battle tactics, and color scheme. 

For example, the Ultramarines are known for their strategic prowess and adorn blue armors, while the Blood Angels are renowned for their savage ferocity in battle, which makes them adore the color red.

One of the most fascinating aspects of space marine lore is their relationship with their weapons and armor. They are intimately connected with their equipment, which is specially crafted and personalized to suit their individual needs and fighting styles. 

Their weapons are often imbued with ancient relics and sacred symbols, making them even more deadly in battle.

The Rules of Painting Warhammer 40K Space Marines

  • If you want your army to be ultramarines or white scars paint your army as ultramarines or white scars.
  • If you like the playstyle of white scars but are not keen on the color scheme, paint them how you want them to be.
  • If you’ve got a cool color scheme in mind, paint them how you want and play them as whichever chapter.
  • Stick to one theme for your entire space marine armies. 

Still, every faction in 40K Space Marines has its unique color schemes, and some painters may want to stick to these schemes than create theirs. 

ultramarines official color scheme
Ultramarines official color scheme

The Official Color Scheme of Warhammer 40K Space Marines

Space marines have over chapters, and each of these chapters has its own unique color scheme. The colors are also functional, as they help to identify different squads on the battlefield. Some of the most iconic colors you will typically find on a space marine are:

  • Ultramarines

One of the most popular color schemes for space marines is the Ultramarines. Their blue armor with gold trim is iconic and easily recognizable. If you want a classic look on your figure, the Ultramarine paint scheme is a great choice.

  • Blood Angels

For a more dramatic look, you can go for the Blood Angels color scheme. Their red armor with gold trim and black shoulder pads make them stand out on the battlefield. The Blood Angels are known for their close combat prowess and are popular among players who prefer melee combat.

Blood Angels color scheme

If you want a more subdued color scheme, the Dark Angels chapters are a good option. Their green armor with gold or red trim and bone-colored shoulder pads give them a more muted appearance. The Dark Angels are known for their tactical flexibility and are a good choice for players who like to adapt to different situations.

  • Space Wolves

For a more rugged and wild look, you can choose the Space Wolves color scheme. Their gray armor with blue trim and wolf-themed decorations give them a unique appearance. The Space Wolves are known for their ferocity in combat and are a good choice for players who want to play aggressively.

  • Imperial Fists

If you want a more stoic and serious look, then the Imperial Fists color scheme is a good option. Their yellow armor, with black trim and red shoulder pads, give them a distinctive appearance. The Imperial Fists are known for their stubbornness and are a good choice for players who want to hold their ground.

  • Black Templars

Finally, if you want a more medieval and crusader-like appearance, choose the Black Templars paint scheme. Their black armor, white shoulder pads, and red crosses give them a distinctive look. The Black Templars are known for their melee combat abilities and are a good choice for players who like to charge into battle.

Popular Color Schemes for this faction

Besides the other color schemes discussed above, some other popular colors miniature painters use for their space marines include:

Can I paint 40K Space Marines in Original Colors?

Yes, you can paint your space marine with the color of your choosing. 

Most entry-level painters have trouble picking a color scheme for their space marines, especially when they want something simple that will look good for an entire army and isn’t the same as a major chapter or very close to it. 

However, the downside of picking your color scheme is that even if you try to be completely original, most colors have been utilized for chapters, be they official or home-brewed.

Fortunately, there are nuanced parts of the heraldry that is unique to many chapters, such as their company markings, battlefield role, or personal heraldry. These markings vary between chapters, so you can use this to really personalize your army when choosing colors for your space marine models. 

Another trick to consider when choosing colors for your space marines is to make them ‘generic’ schemes and run them with a few different chapter tactics to get the feel of each one.

Once you choose a color, then stick to that. Just because a chapter looks a certain way doesn’t mean you must paint it that way. Paint them how you want as long as you like the finish and know which model is which. 


Space marines are one faction in the miniature 40K universe with broad chapters and a wide selection of colors. Their broad range may make choosing a color scheme for your model difficult, but when you have a general idea of what you want and stick to the rules mentioned earlier, you’ll be on your way to getting the desired results.