29 Fun things to do with RC cars [Don’t miss no.17]


Bashing an RC car is a ton of fun and there are many different ways you can have fun with your car.
Many people like to stick to classic RC car racing with friends or family, but there are a lot of other creative ways you can entertain yourself with your RC car. 

Here are some of the best ways for you to enjoy your RC car experience.

 #1 Build a ramp

The first that comes to the mind of many first-time owners of RC cars is building a ramp, and we can honestly say that it is a lot of fun. A ramp is a great way to have fun with your RC car and you can do a wide range of things with a ramp. You can jump over things and do a host of stunts and tricks with your RC car as it whizzes up and down the ramp, almost defying the laws of gravity. You can bash with your car and ramp with the assurance that you and your RC car are not in any danger and you can have loads of fun. You can try out different kinds of flips, spins, jumps, and many other things. A ramp is a great start if you want to have premium fun with your RC car. 

#2 Build a ramp to drive on walls

With your RC car, you can do many wild and dangerous activities, one of which is driving up and down a wall with the help of a ramp. You can run your RC car at high speeds up the walls around your house, and even see how high you can get.

#3 Build a ramp to jump over stuff

Because of how strong, quick, and agile these RC cars are, you can even use them to jump over tall objects. You can either buy or build a ramp and use it as a platform to give your RC car the speed and altitude it needs to jump over stuff.

#4 Build a ramp to jump through hoops

Using a ramp is the easiest way to enter into the world of RC cars, and you can use any size of ramp you feel comfortable with to perform several tricks. One of the great and popular tricks you can do with your RC car is to jump through hoops. You just need a ramp to help you build speed as you prepare to jump your RC vehicle. Enjoy pushing your car to the limit and jumping it through hoops. 

#5 Go wheelie for the whole street

Wheelies are great to watch, and you can have fun performing wheelies on the road for all your neighbors to see. A wheelie is when you lift the front wheels of your RC car off the ground while moving at a high speed. Wheelies are very spectacular, especially when done well. You can even try to shoot for the wheelie record of how long you can perform a wheelie or even the longest distance you can go on a wheelie. 

#6 Take it to an abandoned place

You can even choose to use your RC car to explore an abandoned building, track, or place. Just attach a small camera (like a GoPro) to your RC car and drive it into the abandoned place. You can make some pretty amazing discoveries with your RC car without putting yourself at any risk or danger. Let your RC car do all the work for you as you explore different places. 

#7 Try to run it on water

If all the conditions are great and you have the right type of RC car, then you can run it on water. You must ensure that your RC car is waterproof and is also able to move at the necessary speed for it to run across the water. There are several accessories you can buy to help your car to drive on the water. You must be able to build up good speed with your RC car before you even consider running it across the water. 

What RC cars can drive on water

#8 Take cool photos of jumps

There’s nothing to not love about mounting a camera on your RC car because it brings another level of fun and enjoyment. It allows you to grab cool photos of your jumps, stunts, and tricks in real-time as your car is in action. You can even record all the cool tricks you did with your RC car. It is a great way to experience your RC car in a whole other dimension. You are going to have an amazing time doing different tricks and you can even post the photos and videos all over your social media to show off your cool stunts. 

#9 Take it to a skate park

You can enjoy your RC car on different kinds of terrain, and this will help you be creative and think out of the box when you’re deciding where to drive it. One great place you can drive your RC car is in a local skatepark. You can drive your car on steps, quarter and half pipes, as well as huge ramps to get some massive air. Enjoy the smooth paved surfaces available at the skatepark and have maximum fun bashing with your RC car

#10 Pull heavy stuff

If you would like to see how much weight your RC car can pull, then you would love to try this out. Pull wagons and all kinds of heavy stuff with your RC car. If you have an RC monster truck or a big car, then you can really go for it and try to pull something very heavy. 

#11 Tug-o-war

Tug-o-war is double the fun because you get to bash with two cars at once. You can put two different types of RC cars together and let them do a tug-o-war against each other until one is pulled over the line. You can even make it a real competition and battle against friends and fellow RC car enthusiasts. Be cautious though, so that you don’t damage the tires or motor on your RC car. 

#12 Take it to the beach

You can also enjoy the adventure that comes with taking your RC car to the beach. You can even get tires specially for the sand to make sure you don’t face any damages to your tires or motor. It could turn out to be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience to enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your RC car. 
Just make sure you maintain your car correctly after a sandy run.

#13 Play RC soccer with your friends

RC soccer is a great way to have fun if you and your friends (who are fellow RC car enthusiasts) gather together with your RC cars. You don’t need to worry about the car types because the fun is often in the versatility. Get a soccer ball, put up some goalposts, set some rules, and you’re ready to go. 

#14 Race with your friends

Racing is one aspect of RC cars that every owner should get to experience. It is one activity that most first-time owners look forward to because it’s an opportunity for you to push your car to the limit and put it to the test against other RC cars. You can find an RC club or community around you if your friends are not into RC cars, and you can have a fun time racing cars with people. 

#15 Build an obstacle track

You can create your own obstacle track for your RC car to go through right in your backyard. Just pile up some rocks, ramps, or anything that can serve as an obstacle in a defined path for your RC car to drive through. Create challenges for yourself and see how fast you can go through the track without tipping over. 

#16 Try drifting on grass or dirt

It’s always a fun experience when you take your RC car to go kick up some dirt or run through fields of grass. Having a big four-wheel monster truck is ideal for this activity, but most off-road vehicles should be able to do this efficiently as well. You can push through streams, mud, or even puddles as you drive and drift your RC car through some dirt or grass. And if your car is waterproof, then you can just hose it off when you’re done driving it. 

#17 Race it with your actual car

You can have some fun racing your RC car with your actual car, especially if your RC car is one of the super-fast models on sale today. Push your RC vehicle to the limit of its speed and race it with your actual car. You might get a pretty surprising result. 

#18 Learn how to do stunts

One great part about using your RC car is that you usually don’t need a ton of fancy equipment to have fun with it. You can just watch some videos online on how to do stunts and try them out yourself with your RC car. You can even create your own jumps and ramps with the things you have in your home. Of course, if you want to do more adventurous stuff with your car, several companies make tools to help give you more things you can do with your RC car. There is a large list of tricks you can try out with your RC car, although how many of them you can try depends on the specs of your RC car including its mobility, weight, and acceleration. 

#19 Learn to do doughnuts

Doing a doughnut with your RC car is extremely fun and it is a great trick to learn. It is basically going around in circles with your car at very high speeds, but it looks extremely cool when mastered. Gradually learn this trick and you will be able to show it off to your friends when you perfect it. 

#20 Build your home track

Building an RC track in your home is a great project to embark on, especially when you get bored with continually driving your RC car on the same road every day. Ensure that you have a clear, flat, and relatively large area that you can make your track on. Then, you can get as creative as you want with the design of your track and the different obstacles you want to place on its path. You should note that building a home track usually takes a fair bit of physical effort so you might want to get some friends to help you out. 

#21 Learn how to do backflips

Doing a backflip with your RC car is one of the most fun and exhilarating things you can do with it, and it is recommended you do it with a 4WD car. You should also have a car with a pretty fast engine to help in properly performing this stunt. There are many videos online to give you a detailed guide on how to do a backflip with your RC car, so you can learn and start pulling out this insane stunt in front of your friends. 

#22 Learn how to do front flips

If you’ve learned how to do backflips with your RC car, then the next level would be to learn how to do front flips. Front flips are a bit more complex than backflips, but with time you will be able to master this stunt. 

#23 Learn how to do J turn

A J turn is another amazing stunt that you can learn with your RC car. It is a maneuver where a reversing vehicle spins 180 degrees and then continues to move while facing forward, without changing its direction of travel. It is a trick that is often used in movies and car stunts, and you can do it effectively with your RC car if you put in enough practice. 

#24 Paint your vehicle

Painting your RC car can be a very fun experience, especially if you’re into design and graphics. It is a great way for you to customize your vehicle, and you can make it as simple or complex as you want. You can get some paint, stickers, decals, and other types of decorative materials to make your RC car look exactly the way you want it to. Make your car the talk of the town by designing it beautifully, and also have loads of fun doing it.

#25 Visit an RC crawler course

RC rock crawling is a great activity because it allows you to experience competitive rock crawling events and you get to fully accessorize your car. You can join in on the fun and spend some time doing some rock crawling of your own. 

#26 RC bowling

RC bowling is an activity that brings as much fun as it does danger because you can potentially damage your RC car in the process. You can line up some cans and see how many of them your car can knock over after hitting them at high speed. 

#27 Demolition derbies

Racing RC cars can be very fun, but demolition derbies bring a whole other level of fun and exhilaration. You can have a group of cars knocking each other over until there’s just one left standing. Your RC car might go through a bit of damage because of crashing into other cars, but if you control it well then it should not be too bad. You can even have a special RC body that you put on your car just for these demolition derbies to ensure your designed shells are not damaged. 

#28 Learn how to do double backflips

You might have learned how to do a backflip with your RC car, but if you want to take it to the next level then you’ll learn how to do a double backflip. You’re going to need a whole lot of acceleration as well as some altitude. To get the two rotations, you’ll need to be moving at a very high speed and also learn the controls needed to perform this awesome trick. 

#29 Learn how to do a reverse jump

If you’re tired of doing regular jumps, then you can raise the bar by learning how to do a reverse jump. The reverse jump involves you leading with the back of your RC car as you are about to make the jump instead of moving with the front. The controls are primarily reversed when you compare this with the regular jump, but you can still watch some videos online to help you learn how to do this stunt perfectly.