Where To Drift An RC Car (Solved)+Great Way To Drift At Home

An RC drift car is one of the best RC models you can own. This type of RC cars requires throttle and steering control and finesse to make them drift around corners. It is considered an art form. It takes time to learn how to drift an RC car properly but is certainly worth it.

To become good at drifting an RC car requires a lot of practice and patience. The more you drive it, the better you will become at handling it. Therefore, You need to find a good place to drift your RC car.

Where Is the Best Place to Drift an RC Car?

There are a few places that come to mind when thinking about where to drift an RC car.

The best place to drift an RC car is a drifting course or track. These tracks are specifically designed for drifting and have all the curves and corners you need to practice your skills.

These tracks are professional race tracks and allow you to drift at top speeds and do it around corners. The surface of a good track is smooth and usually made out of wood, epoxy, or concrete. This surface is perfect for drifting and will give you the grip you need to make your car slide around corners.

Another great thing about those tracks is that they have all kinds of corners and curves. The more challenging the track, the better it is for drifting. You can drift on hairpins and short straights as well as long corners and banked walls to practice your skills.

A good drifting track will also have a street layout that looks realistic, with trees, lamp posts, rails, barriers, obstacles, Etc.

The entry fee in most drifting tracks is around 15$ for a few hours, or 25$ for the whole day.

Drift your RC car in a parking lot, in a special drifting course, or simply build your own course at home and drift whenever you like

Parking Lot is The Best Public Place To Drift Your RC Car

A lot of RC drifters will drift their car in a parking lot to practice their skills. The asphalt in a parking lot is usually smooth enough for drifting and you will not wear out your tires quickly.

The best parking lots to drift are underground lots or mall parking lots, especially newly constructed parking lots. That is because the newly constructed parking lots and underground lots are made out of smooth concrete or even glossy epoxy.

That kind of surface is perfect to drift on. It gives you the amount of grip that you need to drift and can be used by just about any RC drifter out there.

Those are great places to practice drifting on and get the basics down before you go to a track or dedicated drift course.

Keep in mind that parking lots are private property and you can be legally prosecuted if you create trouble or damage vehicles or structures. Always be careful when drifting and make sure you are not endangering anyone.

Can You Drift an RC Car on a Public Road?

There is no legal problem with drifting an RC car on a public road. Basically,  you can drift your RC car anywhere as long as you are not endangering anyone.
However, you should be careful when doing so as you don’t want to endanger yourself, your car, or other drivers.

Keep in mind that public road’s asphalt is usually not smooth enough for drifting and you will most likely wear out your tires quickly. That’s why it is best to find a good place to drift your RC car, like a dedicated track or course.

Can You Drift an RC Car on Gravel?

Drifting an RC car on gravel can be a lot of fun. The surface of gravel provides enough grip to make your car slide around corners but also allows you to power out of them easily. That being said, drifting corners is not like doing a whole course at one drift.

Just keep in mind that drifting on gravel is not for RC drift cars because that these cars are low, have zero ground clearance, and they have small wheels and tyres.

Drifting on gravel is mostly for RC buggies or RC trucks, but not for RC drift cars. Also, it is most likely you won’t be able to drift for long because you need a smooth and slick surface to drift on.

How Can You Drift an RC Car at Home?

Drifting in your garage or driveway

You can drift an RC car in your garage or driveway. One of the best surfaces to drift on is a nice smooth, clean and flat concrete floor.
The surface of concrete provides enough grip for you to slide around corners while also being slick enough so your tires don’t stick much.
You can fix your own course of corners and obstacles in your garage and even improve it as you get better.

That’s a great way to practice your drifting skills and get the basics down before you go to a drift track or dedicated drift course.

What if I don’t have a driveway?

A lot of drifters will just use a flat and smooth surface carpet to create their own home drift track. It doesn’t have to be a whole room, you can just use a 4×4 ft area of carpet and create your own drift course.

Some guys have a dedicated room with built rails out of plastic tubes Etc, but if you don’t have much space you can get a piece of carpet and just paint on it a drift course and use it to practice your drifting.

Build an RC Car Drifting Course so You Can Drift Whenever You Like

There are a lot of ways that you can go about building an RC car drifting course. You can buy a pre-made course, or you can make your own.

As we said above, all you need is a flat surface and a large piece of carpet. You can flatten the ground or use plywood and put a smooth carpet on it, That can be a great practicing drift track.

If you want to go pro and make a track like the ones you see at drift competitions, you will need to get more creative.

One way is to build yourself a course using plywood for the floor, and PVC piping, or some other kind of tubing for rails. You can set up your own corners, and straights to create a realistic track for you to drift on.


Drifting is something that can be enjoyed by anybody and you don’t necessarily need to go to a track to do it. You can practice at home if you have a smooth surface and get the basics down before going to your local drift track.

After getting the basics you can start visiting the drift track and even compete in a few competitions. There are many different ways that you can set up your own drift course and have a lot of fun doing it. Just be careful and make sure you are not endangering anyone when drifting.