Is Gunpla For Adults | Should You Stop Building Gunpla?


Building Gunpla is difficult, but being an adult Gunpla fan is even more difficult. Not only must you explain to people that they are not toys, but you must also constantly tell them that they are appropriate for adults. 

But are those Gundam plastic robots really for adults? Yes, they are; In fact, when you look at it closely, you couldn’t understand why people think gunpla is not for adults.

Gunpla Is Definitely For Adults

Gundam kits are most definitely for adults, though children can build them as well.

Gunpla began as anime mechas aimed at children, but since the franchise changed and the mobile suits took on this new look, they’ve been restructured to better fit adults.

An indication that Gunpla is for adults is the obvious difficulty of the Gunpla kits. 

Most kits are complex, with some advanced engineering that would require an adult or a brilliant child to comprehend. 

Another compelling reason that gunpla is not for kids is that building a Gunpla set would necessitate the use of tools that are rarely used or are capable of being used by a child. Adults use tools like X-acto knives, nippers, sandpaper, and other similar items.

Is Gunpla Childish?

Gunpla is in no way childish. This is a common frustration in the Gundam community; normies dismiss Gunpla as a childish toy that should not be associated with an adult.

While they appear to be toys, they are far from it, and they are not childish.

Some people who aren’t as into anime and model-building as we are, dismiss anime, manga, and other genres in the same genre as childish, so it’s no surprise that they dismiss plastic model kits based on anime giant robots as well.

But who cares? Don’t worry about what others think about your hobby as long as you enjoy it. It’s just another form of recreation. Some people play football, some draw, and some spend their time on social media. We decided to build Gundam model kits. 

Gunpla Is A Hobby

Gunpla building is something that people do for fun regularly, particularly in their spare time, and this is exactly what a hobby is.

What better way to unwind and relax than to do something you enjoy? Hobbies stimulate the release of endorphins in the body, which helps to lift mood and relieve stress.

Building a Gunpla requires complete focus and attention, which distracts from everything else and, as a result, relaxes the mind. 

If you ask me, there’s nothing childish about that, except that there’s an unwritten rule that adults aren’t supposed to have fun.

Building A Model Takes A Lot Of Skills, Mental And Physical

Building a Gunpla is a physical activity that requires not only physical but also mental and psychological input.

Like any other good hobby, gunpla requires some basic skills, in this case, building, and painting. Although you can get by without painting, it is still beneficial to be able to do so. You must also be able to properly handle sharp tools such as nippers and knives, as you will be cutting a lot.

Gunpla kits are snap-fit and can be used right out of the box, but to fully enjoy them, you must do more. It is best to paint them and customise them so that you have a personalized end product. Some Gundam grades, such as PG and some MGs, even use LED lights.

Aside from the skills, this requires a high level of creativity and imagination, which will improve your cognitive function and stimulate the mind.

They Are Display Pieces, Not Toys

Gunplas are aesthetically pleasing in addition to being entertaining and mentally stimulating. 

They are made of colored plastic parts that can be painted and, when fully assembled, make beautiful, unique models that can be displayed individually or in a collection to make a space look better.

Toys are supposed to be played with. While you can play with them, Gunpla kits are not designed for the kind of activity and stress that a typical toy goes through.

Gunplas have many joints and articulations to allow for gimmicks and poseability, but they are usually fragile and can crumble if subjected to too much force. You can only change poses and positions with them.

Gunplas Are Complicated Models

Gunplas are made of advanced engineering and building technology that is complex, making them ideal for adults.

It is one of the most complicated plastic models available; everything about it is tricky, from the inner frame, which is the most fundamental part of the kits (even modern HGs have inner frames), to accessories that will be added after assembly, and even customising techniques like weathering and kit bashing.

Although there are some Gunpla kits that an experienced builder may find a little too simple, such as old versions of HG, AG, FG, and especially the SD, most of them will still be too complicated for a novice and a child.

Furthermore, Gunpla kits are riddled with numerous parts. A kit can have up to 1500 body parts depending on the grade and version. Even an experienced adult hobbyist may find this overwhelming, as it is difficult to keep up with the parts and they are easily misplaced.

Gundams Are War Machines

Gunplas are based on the Gundam anime series, which depicts warfare between realistic robots and humans, and this has always been reflected in Gunplas since the first set was released under former owners Clover, albeit as metals. Gunplas did not become plastic until Bandai purchased the copyright a few years later.

If you know Gundam, then you know that the story of the series is more suitable to adults.

One would rarely associate anything related to war with children, even if it is mecha robots, and this is another tangible reason why Gunplas are more suitable for adults.

Building A Gunpla Is No Different Than Building A Scale Model

A Gunpla is a scale model, essentially a smaller version of larger giant robots. 

Building Gunpla, like other scale models, has both advantages and disadvantages. It allows you to learn about the history of the Gundam series. You will also gain new skills and improve your overall mental state.

You wouldn’t think of scale model building as a hooby that is not aimed at adults, and the same should be with Gunpla. The only difference is that Gunpla is a scale model kit of giant robots and not a WW2 tank.

Gunpla Is A Whole World That People Outside The Hobby Can’t Understand

The Gundam universe is a wide universe with many characters and events. For someone to understand the depths of this world, they have to dive in and be part of it.

Only when you get into the Gundam wormhole do you understand that this is an adult’s world that looks like a cartoon. This series and its heroes can reflect the real world, and especially the ‘adult world’.  There are many things that happen in the Gundam universe that an outsider would never understand unless they had hands-on experience with Gundam and Gunpla kits.


Gunpla is entertaining, but it is not without flaws. You may find it difficult to enter the Gunpla world at first, but once you do, you will be sucked in and begin to reap the numerous benefits. Most importantly, they are much more appropriate for adults than they are for children.