Are Perfect Grade Gundam models worth it? (Gunpla)

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When you talk about value in the Gundam world, it does not get much better than the Perfect Grade Gundam.

These kits are made specifically to keep you building for hours as you create a gunpla masterpiece.

Perfect Grade might be more complex to build than the other grades of Gundam, but that’s what makes it even more valuable.

If the question is “Are perfect grade Gundams worth it?”, then the answer is a resounding yes! Try one out and see for yourself!

What are perfect grade Gundam models

Perfect Grade (PG) is a line of Gunpla (Gundam plastic models) produced by Bandai.

PG Gundam models are highly detailed and anime accurate and are considered to be some of the best Gunpla kits available. They are typically 1/60 scale and feature many working parts and intricate details. Some Perfect Grade kits also include LED lights, which can be used to illuminate the model.

The Perfect Grade line is usually for advanced builders and not recommended for beginners, due to the complexity of the build and higher cost.

Is PG Gundams worth your money and time?

The PG Gundam is the third-grade level of Gunpla models. 

After the High-grade Gunpla (with a low level of difficulty and complexity) and the Master Grade Gunpla (which is an appropriate option for beginners) comes the Perfect Grade Gundam. 

There is a higher level of complexity in the PG Gundam and it requires a lot of time to think and figure out whether the pieces match to match.

The Perfect Grade kit is the most sought-after of all the Gunpla kits. 

It is always quick to run out in stores irrespective of the price as people find it more fun to build. They are incredibly detailed and have good mechanics, and that also extends to their gimmicks.

The Perfect Grade Gundam kit is the most extensive and detailed grade. It happens to be the costliest due to the number of pieces to build and the scale of the equipment. 

Due to the complexity of the Perfect Grade Gundam, it takes the range of 13-25hours to perfectly build it. But for some people who have spent quality time building the previous kits, it takes fewer hours to build the Perfect Grade kit. 

The price of the Gundam ranges up to about $300 due to the perfect Grade Gundam’s difficulty level. This price is definitely worth the quality of the Perfect Grade Gunpla. 

Price – How much is a Perfect Grade Gunpla   

The price of Gunpla kits increases as the level and difficulty of the Gunpla increases. The Perfect Grade Gunpla kit does not have a set price and it could be found at different prices in different stores. 

Still, it can range up to about $300 per kit, which is primarily dependent on the complexity of the Perfect Grade kit. Some of the Perfect Grade Gunpla and their prices are:

  • PG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam LED unit set- $135.99
  • 1/72 RAS-40 Alpha Boxer Type Mechanicore GP04-$339.99
  • PG 1/60 Rx-78-2 Unleashed 2.0- $289.99
  • PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom- $189.99
  • PG 1/60 Seven sword: $199.99

Please note that the prices stated above might not be the same price you would find at a different store.

I Love Building Perfect Grade Gundams

Building any Gundam kit from scratch is always a fun experience. When you add in the details and complexity of the PG Gundam, it takes the experience to a whole new level. 

You can spend hours nonstop just piecing together the many different beautiful pieces that make up the Perfect Grade gunpla model.

And when you’re done building your gunpla, you get to set it up in any pose you want and display it for fellow Gundam enthusiasts (and others) to see. Also, be sure to get some photos of your Perfect Grade Gundam after building it before you move on to the next kit.

Is Perfect Grade Gundam hard to build?

In building the Perfect Grade Gunpla, some parts of the kits might seem challenging and even get you frustrated.

The springs and wirings of the PG Wing zero custom are some of the most annoying pieces you would meet in building the PG Gundam.

The time spent building just a body part of the Perfect Grade Gunpla kit, such as the arm or the leg could be used to build a complete Master Grade kit or even a High-Grade kit.

Builders who are not profoundly devoted to building Gundams might not like the LED kits as screwing and wiring the LEDs is pretty tricky and could also be frustrating.

The Perfect Grade Gundam requires more effort, attention, and foundational knowledge of the building Gundams than the other grades of Gundam. 

Perfect grade Gundams are a good display piece

The PG Gundam model is beautifully detailed with amazing pieces and colors that make it stand out on any display shelf.

Every PG kit also comes with a stand, allowing the modeler to give the kit a different pose according to the modeler’s preference. 

Some kits can pose to raise their weapon, some with a knee to the ground, some with their fist pointed, and many more depending on what you like.

Size – How big is PG Gundams?

The Perfect Grade Gundams are in the third size of scale for the Gundam kit. 

It has a scale of 1/60, which is approximately 30cm(11.8inc). They are the tallest Gundam among all the Gundam models which can be built.  

Perfect Grade Gundams will keep you busy for 2 weeks

Generally, a Gundam model takes about 2 to a few weeks to completely build based on the type of Gundam, grade, modeler’s experience, and additional steps or procedures needed to build the Gundam kit.

Generally, it takes about 13-25hours to build the Gundam kit. The Perfect Grade takes the most time to model a Gundam kit.

There are a couple of factors that could affect the time needed for a modeler to finish building a Gundam kit. Some of the factors include:

  • Experience: In modeling a Gundam, experience plays a significant role in how long the building process takes. It is alright for a beginner who has never modeled a Gundam kit to take a lot of time when modeling a Gundam kit, even with the most straightforward procedures. But as time goes on, the speed of the modeler increases. In some cases, an experienced modeler could take a longer time than necessary to model a kit, and this is due to paying attention to details.
  • Painting: For modelers who have to paint their models, the time taken to model a kit completely could be doubled or sometimes even tripled. Many steps are involved in painting a Gundam kit, such as priming, sanding, polishing, and base coat.
  • Gundam Grade: This factor is a major one. The grade of the Gundam determines how easy and quick it would be to build a Gundam kit. A lower grade is easier for an experienced modeler. The higher the grade, the more difficult it is for a modeler. This is why beginners need to start from the lower levels to gain the necessary knowledge and skill needed to build complex grades. 

The best Perfect Grade Gundam kit that will be worth it

The best Perfect Grade Gundam that would be worth the price and the time would be the PG 1/60 Gundam Seven sword.

The GN Katars of this product could be mounted on the knees and held in hand as well.

The blades could also be converted to a shield and sword form, which features LED gimmicks. The GN sword II weapons could be converted between sword and rifle mode. 

PG 1/60 Gundam Seven sword

Once you see the box and the details and start going through the kit, you will see it is worth it 

People say that seeing is believing and there might be no better way for you to be convinced about the PG Gundam kit than to see it yourself.

The box alone is beautiful enough to captivate your attention, but opening the box is an experience that can not be explained. You will see about 600-2000 intricately designed pieces that attach and create an amazing piece of art.

The Perfect Grade Gundam kit is worth every penny and we can’t wait to see you modeling your Gundam.