Is HPI a good RC brand (Researched)


You might be looking to get a new RC car; HPI Racing is one famous brand in the RC industry you should consider. 

HPI Racing is a good brand that is well-suited for advanced RC enthusiasts. They also offer an extensive range of hobby-grade RTR RC cars that performs exceptionally for beginners. 

This guide takes an in-depth look at HPI Racing to help you choose your next RC car. 

Are HPI RC cars any good?

HPI Racing is one of the best hobby-grade manufacturers in the world of RC. It’s no wonder their RC cars have legendary features that outsmart some of the most popular household RC brands like Arrma. 

HPI RC cars introduce some of the best designs in the RC market and are also reliable. While they aren’t as famous as the well-known Traxxas brand, their unique designs are well-engineered and even look more stylish than other cars; plus, they perform exceptionally on any surface, especially rough terrains.

HPI cars are simply the best drive for advanced users since the electronic components are strong, built with the best materials, can withstand harsh climate conditions, and have a longer lifespan than most RC car electronics. But, with all these fantastic qualities HPI cars has to offer, they might just be more expensive than other RC cars. 

Is HPI Racing still in business?

HPI Racing is still in business.

However, some series of events has led the majority of RC lovers to believe the hobby-grade manufacturers are out of business. One such event was in 2014 when HPI almost declared bankruptcy. Traxxas also sued HPI for using its patented receiver box sealed with a rubber joint. 

The good news, in 2019, the HPI Racing brand changed ownership with the new owners as the Scandinavian-based Vestergaard Group. With this development, HPI fans can be sure that the company is still in business, and they’re continually devising new means to come up with the next big RC car model. 

Who owns HPI RC

HPI Racing was established in 1986 by Tatsuro Watanabe as an airport firm with its headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. However, in May 2016, the CEO of the largest RC car distributor in the United Kingdom, Nick Moss, announced the buy-out of the hobby firm. Fast forward to 2019, and the brand has changed ownership, with significant shareholders as the Scandinavian-based Vestergaard Group, making them the new owners of the HPI Racing brand. 

Where is HPI based

HPI Racing has its headquarters in Lake Forest, California, US. 

What is the best HPI model?

Over the years, HPI racing has produced some of the best RC trucks in the market, and these RC cars can deliver you hours of fun whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or beginner.

But, while HPI Racing has produced some great action-packed RC cars, the best HPI model today is the HPI Racing 120093 Savage XS Flux Mini Monster Truck. 

When you look at this car, the first thing you’ll notice is that it looks like a classic El Camino SS American muscle car. Well, it’s only a replica, but it looks like the real deal.

The HPI Racing Savage model comes with a brushless motor that provides you with the most thrilling speed runs ever. Plus, it is engineered with a TVP chassis, durable waterproof electronics, an Ss-20wr waterproof servo, a super-durable drivetrain, and suspension. 

Built tough, the Savage XS Flux packs everything you know and love about the legendary Savage Flux. 

What HPI makes better – kit or RTR?

While HPI Racing tends to produce various RC cars that beginners and advanced users will love to drive, the RC kits from HPI are more popular than the RTR models. However, they cost more. 

Every professional RC car enthusiast would love to own an HPI RC Kit car because they are designed for menacing speed runs. So, newbie RC hobbyists would need to learn a lot about RC car functions before getting their hands on a Kit HPI RC car.

However, HPI RTR cars are reliable for on-road surfaces for beginner RC lovers. HPI is also famous for producing large nitro cars. 

How is HPI compared to other big brands

When it comes down to the best RC manufacturers, Traxxas, Losi, and Tamiya are some of the most popular brands in the RC industry today due to their high-end RC models.

They offer both experienced and beginner RC enthusiasts. 

Like these brands, HPI Racing also dominates the RC market as they never fail to deliver RC enthusiasts with some of the best RC models for their bashing and racing needs.

But, unlike Traxxas, Losi, and Tamiya RC models that favor beginners, HPI Racing models will perform well for advanced users. 

Is HPI better for beginners or more advanced hobbyists

Generally, HPI RC vehicles are well suited for advanced users as virtually all HPI models are designed for menacing speed runs.

Additionally, HPI is famous for its line of Kit RC cars which can be modified in various ways to suit advanced users. 

How durable are HPI RC cars

HPI RC cars are extremely durable. Their RC car models are made using the best and highest-quality materials with sat and any climate condition. Likewise, the engines are strong, with most parts being waterproof.

This gives them an added advantage in the cold climate. Added to these, they use LiPo batteries and a brushless powerplant that makes them last for a longer time. 

Are HPI cars fast?

HPI RC cars are incredibly fast on the race track. Their legendary off-road monster trucks are designed with a large scale between 1/5 and 1/32, which means they are super-fast on track.

They are also able to reach speeds up to 20 to 35mph. However, their fastest speed levels range between 40 to 60mph. 

HPI RC cars can also move fast through rough terrains with ease, apart from their speed. Some other features that make them fast are their long-travel absorbers and high-ground suspension.

How’s HPI build and parts quality?

From a build and parts quality standpoint, HPI has always been a leader in producing legendary and superior-grade parts that are not just durable but reliable and last for a long time.  

How are HPI product support and parts availability?

As a bare minimum, HPI provides top-notch support for models already in the market. The downside is that they need to improve on parts supply. 

On the other hand, most people find it challenging to purchase HPI parts, not because of the lack of them but because of the increase in demand and location.

In some regions, it may be challenging to get HPI parts; however, you can get your HPI parts from local hobby stores or online HPI retailers.

In fact, two out of three online hobby shops you will ever see have HPI parts available for purchase. 

Should you get an HPI RC car?

Like Traxxas, Losi, and Arrma, HPI has been one of the big-name brands in the RC market.

In fact, they’ve been around since 1986 and have produced some of the best RC car models in the industry.

The RS4, for example, was one of the first and best-seller RC cars designed by HPI, especially for touring with its high-performance shaft-driven 4WD chassis.

Even their legendary large-scale fuel-powered 1/5 Baja trucks were a big hit due to their high-speed performance and durable electronics.

Additionally, HPI has some of the best designs and a brilliant selection of RC bodies that look like real cars even though they are replicas.

Some of their most legendary bodies are still so popular and sought-after by advanced RC hobbyists that they hardly stay up to two days in the shop before running out of stock. 

With these factors, one thing is for sure; HPI is far more than just a set of fancy RC bodies. Beginner and advanced users will find various options to suit their needs. 

Shortlist – 3 HPI best-sellers

  1. RS4 Sport 3 Flux Porsche 911 GT3R RTR

The HPI RS4 Sport 3 Flux Porsche 911 GT3R is an electric-powered, brushless, 2.4GHz radio controlled, 1/10 scale, on-Road RC vehicle designed with a Porsche 911 GT3R Body and Falken racing tires.

It comes with an HPI chassis with a completely sealed and highly efficient shaft drivetrain, Coilover shock absorbers, and waterproof electronics that make the car capable of running in any weather condition. 

Added to this, it has an ‘urban camo’ look and stylized shark-mouth and comes with extra-wide (31mm and 35mm) replica BBS wheels fitted with matching slick racing tires.

Its speed levels range over 113km/h (70mph) as it runs on the Flux MMH-4000KV motor and waterproof Flux EMH-3S LiPo-ready speed controller. 

  1. HPI Quantum MT Flux

From the Maverick Quantum line-up is the rugged 4WD Shaft-Driven HPI Quantum MT Flux monster truck, which has a high ground clearance chassis design and high ride height suspension for any racing adventure.

This model also comes with an oil-filled adjustable Coilover shock and superior-grade metal 4-gear differentials front and rear so that no matter the terrain, nothing can stand in your way.

There’s also the 3300KV Brushless Motor, aluminum hex pattern, and 3S LiPo battery that ensures high-speed performance for your thrill race. 

  1. HPI Jumpshot Flux Brushless

The new HPI Jumpshot Flux truck is an exciting 2WD brushless power monster truck perfect for wild backyard bashing.

This HPI Jumpshot Flux truck is faster, tougher, meaner, and engineered with brand new features like optimized gearing that works exceptionally for fast acceleration and speed runs.

Other innovative features include new drivetrain gears, suspension parts, and servo saver. Plus, a high-quality Savage-style TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) design underneath the chassis body ensures a centered-balanced weight. 


HPI Racing is a significant player in the hobby-grade RC market like Traxxas, Losi, and Tamiya.

While many people may feel they’re no longer in business, HPI Racing still produces some of the best, fastest, toughest, and mean RC vehicles like the HPI Jumpshot Flux trucks, the HPI Quantum MT Flux monster truck, and even the Savage XS Flux Mini Monster Truck.

The best part, both beginner and advanced RC enthusiasts can find something they love from their wide range of models.