Everything About Gundam Markers (FAQ)

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Gundam markers are often used for small touch-ups, panel line detailing, shading, and weathering effects.

They are a convenient and quick way to add depth and dimension to your model without the need for multiple brushes, paints, and other supplies.

In this article, we answer some of the most important questions about these Gundam markers to help you better utilize them in enhancing your Gundam experience.

Gundam Markers Explained Fast

Gundam markers are special pens used by model builders and hobbyists to paint and detail their Gundam plastic model kits.

They come in a variety of colors and tip sizes and are specifically designed for use on the plastic materials used in Gundam models.

The markers are often used to add shading, highlighting, and other details to the models, helping to bring out their individual features and making them more visually appealing.

Types of Gundam markers

Gundam markers can offer a variety of changes to a Gunpla kit depending on the paint type, knob size and type, and color. 

There are 3 major categories of Gundam markers, including Liner Types, Brush Types, and Pour Types.

1. Liner Type Gundam markers have a hard-felt tip and oil-based ink (identifiable by their blue bodies). 

Liner Type Gundam markers

2. Brush-type Gundam markers have flexible brush tips and come in many colors. A special ink that is water-based is utilized, allowing it to be applied to any type of basecoat and easily wiped off in the event of paint run-off.

Brush Type Gundam Marker

3. Pour Type Gundam Markers are oil-based and have solid plastic tips that stand out. During panel lining, the markers will either pour out or provide a sleek ink flow. 

Pour Type Gundam Markers

How To Use Gundam Markers

Gundam markers are an essential tool for any Gundam model hobbyist, as they allow for quick and easy painting and detailing.

this is the right way to use Gundam markers.

Prepare your model

When using Gundam markers, it’s important to first prepare the surface of your model.

This means removing any oil or grease, as well as sanding down any rough areas to ensure an even surface.

Paint your model

Once the surface is prepared, you can begin using the markers. Start with the lightest color first and then move on to darker colors, as this allows me to build up the color gradually.

You can also use multiple markers at once to achieve the desired effect. When using the markers, it’s important to apply light, and even pressure to ensure an even color coverage.

Add Small Details

In addition to coloring the model, you can also use the markers to add small details, such as panel lines and other markings. This can be done by gently pressing the tip of the marker onto the surface and tracing the desired line.

How do you clean Gundam markers?

The best way to clean paint from a Gundam marker is to first make sure the paint is completely dried before cleaning. 

Cleaning up wet ink might cause streaking and might end up being more difficult to clean than necessary. 

The marker can be cleaned by rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab while making sure that the swab is only damp and not too wet. 

This would help prevent the cleaned paint from running over the Gundam model. 

For a more efficient result, Gundam Erase Type markers can be used by first pressing their tips into a pan to allow the solution within to run out, and then you can apply with cotton swabs.

Caution must be taken when using particular solvents in cleaning paint, as some solvents, such as nail polish removers, contain chemicals that can eat through the plastic. 

For best results, use Erasable Type Gundam markers. Also, the swabs must be used in the same direction to ensure that the marks are erased effectively.

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How long do Gundam markers take to dry?

While both oil-based markers and acrylic markers are permanent, oil-based Gundam markers (such as Liner Type and Pour Type markers) will become dry at a significantly slower rate than acrylic markers (which are Brush Type). 

The markers start to dry upon application and become resistant to rubbing after 20-30 minutes. 

In general, after painting your Gunpla kits, the paint will be completely dry within a day.

Can you use Gundam markers to paint?

Gundam Markers were manufactured only to modify the color of kits so they could be used to paint-in additional details and touches. 

Some modelers have taken the extra step to paint entire kits with these markers but beginners must be careful when attempting to repaint entire kits. 

Gundam markers flow fast and dry fast, so it is not recommended for unskilled painters to use them when attempting to repaint entire gunpla kits. 

Other alternatives to markers can be used if you’re working over a large surface.

Do you need a primer for Gundam Marker?

A primer is a kind of paint that helps any paint applied to it to stick better. It is utilized to cling to surfaces and generate a binding coating that prepares the surface especially when repainting. 

Since Gundam markers are used for mainly straight builds, you can use them without a primer. 

However, when trying to repaint a whole kit (for whatever reason), you can first coat it in primer before painting it over. 

This is because primers are opaque so other colors can show well on them, last longer, and are more resistant.

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How to revive Gundam markers in 3 easy steps

In the case where the marker dries out, it can be revived in three simple steps. 

  1. First, pull out the nib with the nib facing upward. The nib should be pulled in a single motion, as wiggling can easily damage the nib.
  2. Then you can rinse the nib. The nib should be rinsed with warm water for a few minutes and dried with a napkin.
  3. Then nib should be pushed back into the marker in the same manner that it was removed. When the nib is fixed properly, the nib can be pressed on a napkin to test its flow.

Thinning Gundam markers

When painting your models, paint from Gundam markers might need to be thinned to achieve the consistency you need to get when painting your model. 

This is especially important when only a light coat of that color is needed on the kit. 

The marker has to be applied to a pan and then leveling thinner can be added in the required amount. 

To apply the thinned paint, dip a cotton swab in it then use it as needed on the model. 

To prevent the thinned paint from drying out too quickly, you can add some paint retardant to the mixture. 

How long do Gundam markers last?

Modelers and hobbyists usually require more than a single type or color of marker as multiple models would require different types and colors of markers to make them stand out. 

While Gundam markers are often bought in singles, sets of markers (typically 6), can also be bought. 

Depending on the size of the model and the extent of the detailing work, a single Gundam marker can be used to detail and panel line five to ten models. 

Other factors affecting the duration of use of the Gundam marker include the skill of the painter in the application and storage of the marker.

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Are Gundam markers permanent?

Like other oil-based and acrylic markers, Gundam markers are permanent. 

Immediately after using Gundam markers on Gundam models, visible marks will be left that you can immediately clean using rubbing alcohol, dry erasers, or Gundam Erase markers. 

This action can leave streak marks that are hard to erase. However, paint that has been applied for over a day cannot be erased except with the use of Gundam Eraser pens.

Are Gundam markers toxic?

The constituents of Gundam markers are similar to those of any other oil-based or acrylic paint markers. 

While oil-based paint or acrylic paint is harmful if ingested or inhaled in large doses, especially in poorly ventilated areas, the quantity of the constituents in Gundam markers is relatively small compared to the amount that is regarded as being toxic.

How do you store Gundam markers?

Gundam markers can dry out and lose their quality if stored improperly. 

To store Gundam markers after usage, you should cap them tightly and store them with their tips facing down.

They should be kept away from extreme temperatures to conserve the paint they contain.

What kind of paint is in Gundam markers?

Liner Type, Brush Type, and Pour Type Gundam markers have different types of paint in them. The Liner Type and Pour Type Markers have oil-based paint and have to be shaken vigorously before use. 

The stem of the markers contains a ball bearing that helps the base and solvent of the marker mix properly. 

The Brush Type Gundam markers however are water based. They contain an acrylic-based paint that allows them to dry fast and achieve a uniform look.

Are Gundam markers oil-based?

Only Liner Type and Pour Type Gundam markers contain and use oil-based paint.

Oil-based markers contain oil-based paint rather than ink, which is why they must be shaken before use. 

The lines from these markers are typically waterproof, resistant to fading, and abrasion resistant. 

The markers can draw on both porous and nonporous coatings such as glass, although the paint adheres significantly better to porous surfaces. 

Are Gundam markers acrylic?

Specifically, the Brush Type markers contain acrylic paint. 

In acrylic paint markers, the acrylic paint itself is ideally diluted, using a medium, so that it flows seamlessly. 

Oil-based markers act slightly differently from acrylic markers, even though you can use them on similar surfaces. 

Are Gundam markers lacquered?

Lacquer Markers contain lacquer, which is used to coat materials to give a hard, shiny finish. While a section of hobbyists believe that the markers are lacquered, they are not. 

The descriptions on them explicitly indicate that they are oil-based (for Liner Type and Pour Type Gundam Markers) or acrylic (for Brush Type Gundam Markers).

Are Gundam markers alcohol based?

The only Gundam marker that contain alcohol is the Gundam eraser pen.

Alcohol-based markers contain alcohol inks which are paints made from alcohol that dry rapidly, are water resistant, and are richly colored. 

No kind of Gundam marker uses alcohol-based ink. 

What are Gundam real touch markers for?

Gundam Real Touch markers are essentially brush-type markers for producing weathering effects. 

These brush markers have fine and big points that you can use to create weathering effects on your kit.

You can coat your whole Gundam model with a clear matte finish after weathering it to provide a beautiful, subtle touch of detail to your finished model kits. 

You can also press the paint into a small tray and apply it by hand. 

With this method, you can easily replicate weathering effects like grime, combat damage, stains, and panel lining.

Do Gundam markers smell?

Depending on the type of paint you use, the smell could be similar to that of fingernail polish remover, chemical, or typical oil paint. 

Generally, the oil-based markers (Liner-Type and Pour-Type) have stronger scents than the acrylic ones. 

The smell is caused by the evaporation of the solvent in the paint while painting. 

While these smells can be overwhelming in large amounts, using Gundam Markers is safe as the quantity is relatively small and the paints are non-toxic.

Amazing Tips For Using Gundam Markers

Do you Really need Gundam markers?

In relation to modeling Gunpla kits, Gundam markers may serve as an easier and cheaper alternative to regular painting with hand brushes. 

This applies more readily to beginners, who may not have the time, expertise, or resources to use spray paint or airbrushes. 

Gundam markers were manufactured specifically for Gundam models so they are well suited for panel lining, detailing, or weathering effects. 

Using Gundam markers to repaint entire models would prove difficult. If you intend to paint entire kits, an alternative to Gundam markers may be needed.