Are Gundam Markers Worth It


There are several ways that you can beautify your Gundam model, and one of the most effective methods is by using Gundam markers.

These markers help you add detail and more intricacy to your model, making it even more beautiful as you display it.

Gundam markers are worth it for any modeler who wants to add an extra finish to their Gundam model, although there are several other ways you can accessorize your Gundam.

Gundam markers are worth buying

Gundam markers are used to improve the appearance of Gunpla kits. These markers are used to draw attention to details like panel linings, wings, or armor. 

Depending on the kind of paint, nib size, type, and color, you can use Gundam markers to change the appearance of your model. Gundam markers are specifically designed for Gundam models rather than other possible forms of paint for general purposes.

So, while they can be used to successfully detail a Gunpla kit, they cannot be successfully used for a variety of other purposes. 

If your main aim in buying the markers is to do minor work on models, then Gundam markers are definitely worth it.

What Can You Do With A Gundam Marker 

Gundam markers are used to improve the appearance of your Gunpla kits so they are a must-have for any Gunpla collector or hobbyist.

Gundam markers are mainly used to draw attention to details on your model like panel linings, wings, or armor. 

You can also use it to add extra details like combat damage, grime, or scorch marks.

In general, you can use your markers to enhance the look of your straight build kits as needed.

There Are 3 Types Of Gundam Markers

This classification is based on the size of the nib, the type of ink used, and the colors. For Gundam markers, Liner Types, Brush Types and Pour Types are the three basic classifications.

  • Liner Type Gundam markers have a hard-felt tip with ink that is oil-based so they can easily be identified by their blue bodies. 

These markers can draw smooth and steady lines on the surface of a model, as well as straightforward line paneling. 

Liner Type markers are particularly helpful for creating small elements such as air vents and they are available in black, brown, and gray.

Liner Type Gundam marker
  • Brush-type Gundam markers have flexible brush tips and come in many colors. 

These types are more popular among hobbyists and artists because of their acrylic-based ink which is really versatile. 

The ink in it is runny and can readily fill troughs or molds.

Brush-type Gundam marker
  • Pour Type Gundam Markers are the final type. The paints in them are oil-based and have distinct solid plastic tips. 

These markers will either pour out or create a smooth ink flow when panel lining. 

Through capillary action, it can create panel touches and shadows of metallic surfaces, filth, dirt, and other features and as a bonus, they also come in a range of hues.

Pour Type Gundam Marker

Additionally, Gundam Eraser Type pens are not readily considered a kind of Gundam marker, but they can be found in the marker sets or even purchased individually. 

It contains a low concentration of isopropyl alcohol that you can use to thin or erase Gundam markers.

I Managed To store a Gundam marker for 10 Days

Hobbyists, particularly beginners, may not always need to use their markers for an extended period and if Gundam markers are not stored properly, they will dry up and lose their quality.

After use, Gundam markers should be tightly capped and stored with the tip facing down. 

To preserve the paint in the markers, they should be kept away from severe temperatures, although once opened, they can last up to 10 years when stored properly.

The markers should be stored away from excessive heat or cold, as well as mold, mildew, or moisture for best results.

How many models can one Gundam marker Last

While Gundam markers are frequently offered in a single form, you can also purchase them in sets. 

Such sets are a good investment for modelers intending to take up modeling as a full hobby, as multiple models would require different types and colors of markers to make them stand out.

A single marker can detail and panel line five to ten models, depending on the size of the model and the level of the detailing work.

Other factors influencing how long it lasts include the painter’s ability to apply and store the marker.

Given that some marker colors are not widespread in Gundam models, you would be able to use the markers for an extended period.

Basically, Gundam marker gets good results

Gundam markers are manufactured to detail sets. However, the quality of the result you will get is mostly dependent on your skill in applying the paint.

For instance, while painting, Liner Type markers are generally tidy but can clog up when they dissolve the existing paint on the surface.

Brush-type markers, on the other hand, may need to be applied in more than one stroke then the excesses are cleaned off.

Generally, the quality of results obtained from Gundam markers is satisfactory, provided you have the necessary skill and knowledge about the markers.

You Can use Gundam markers for weathering As Well

Weathering is used by modelers to produce the illusion of dirt, dust, and even damage to make the model appear more genuine. Modelers may choose to give their model an aged or worn appearance after building and painting it.

Gundam Real Touch markers are essentially Brush-type and some Pour Type markers which come in fine and large tips, and can be used to produce weathering effects.

To apply, after shaking, the paint from the marker must be extracted onto the paint tray first, then a cotton swab can be used to scoop up the paint, and then used on the model pieces as desired.

While a special set of Gundam markers was made expressly for weathering Gundam models, it was stated in 2010 that the package had been discontinued due to a lack of required components.

Regular and Real Touch Gundam markers, on the other hand, are still accessible and can be used to create weathering effects.

What About the Gundam eraser marker?

The kind of ink and nibs in most Gundam markers increase the tendency for error for beginners. Gundam Eraser Markers were created to promptly and efficiently solve the problems of errors while you paint or detail.

The markers contain a weak isopropyl alcohol solution with a nib for easy application and can also be used to thin marker paint. 

They can be purchased separately or in a set with other paint markers.

The Eraser Markers can be recognized by their white-colored, robust stems. While Erase types can be easily applied, they tend to spill, so you must take caution during application to prevent runoff on other painted parts of your model.

Another possible problem that you can encounter when using Erase Type markers is that the soft nib soaks up the color of the paint on which it is applied, which reduces its ability to clean up other stains neatly.

To solve both problems simply, you can first extract the solution from the marker by pressing it into a surface, e.g., a metal plate. Then you can dip cotton swabs into the solution to be dampened and applied to the model piece as needed.

Note that the cotton swabs should only be damp and not dripping. This helps you prevent run-off. 

Gundam Erase type markers are more effective on recently applied paint than on fully dried paint.

Gundam markers’ Price Today

Gundam markers can easily be purchased online or from hobby stores. The makers can be sold in single pieces but can also be sold in sets of three or, more commonly, six.

The price of single Gundam markers ranges from as low as $3.99 to about $8.99. The sets of six, however, range from $15 to about $20.

The price of the marker sets depends largely on the store and the location of the buyer, as well as the color and type of markers contained in the set.

How Should You use Gundam markers

All Gundam markers are used similarly, with the only distinction being the type of marker nib.

The lines for Linear Type markers should be drawn directly into the groove on the piece. For the best outcome, use the markers to line inside or close to protrusions on the piece that could benefit from the greater definition.

Brush Type markers have a flowing, diluted ink that seeps deeply into panel lines. The technique may need to be repeated several times to attain a uniform width in the panel lines. Because brush tips are significantly larger, sloppy lines are common but can be easily wiped away to reveal sharp lines.

For pour types, the nibs are pushed into the mold of the piece. Capillary motion causes the hollows and grooves on the model to draw ink from the pen. This helps the area to be filled faster. After the extra paint has been removed, the paint can be allowed to dry.

The best Gundam marker for panel lining

All Gundam markers can produce good results for you depending on your skill. For example, for beginners that are new to panel modeling or painting, Liner Type Gundam markers are the best option as they paint directly into the panel lines.

A possible downside to liner types is that they are time-consuming to use and only come in black, brown, and gray.

Overall, brush types are the best choice for an average modeler as they come in a variety of colors and are easy and fast to use.