Are Gundam parts interchangeable? | Kitbashing Gunpla


To kitbash a Gundam model, you will need to interchange parts from two or more kits. 

Fortunately, Gundam kit parts are interchangeable and allow you to be creative as you like with your model.

You can build up your kit or modify other models by interchanging parts from a different kit. This is the whole idea behind kit bashing.

Can you interchange Gundam parts?

Gundam parts are interchangeable.

How interchangeable the parts depend on the grade. Not all Gundam grades accommodate smooth and easy interchanging of parts.

Some Gundam models allow for easy interchange of parts within the same grade, while some do not. Some parts can only be interchanged with the aid of adhesives even within grades.

Which Gundam grade\grades are interchangeable?

It is possible to interchange Gundam parts, but it depends on the grade.

There are five Gundam kit grades namely;

  1. Super Deformed Grade (SD), 
  1. Real Grade (RG),
  1. High Grade (HG),
  1. Master Grade (MG),
  1. Perfect Grade (PG).

The easiest grade to interchange is the High grade (HG) Gundam. 

HG Gundams are the best for Gunpla kit bashing. Not only do they have a variety of options, but they also are generally compatible with one another and match easily.

But it is harder to interchange parts of higher-grade Gundam models. 

Interchanging parts from Master Grade (MG) Gundam parts depends on the kits. Not all MG Gundam parts will fit into another without modifications.

Perfect grade, Real grade, and Super-deformed grade require the use of adhesives, screws, bolts, and in more advanced cases – removal of a part of the kit and replacing it with completely foreign parts.

Can you interchange Gundam parts from any grades?

Interchanging Gundam parts takes place in two forms;

  1. Within the same grade, or 
  1. Between two different grades

Interchanging parts between two separate grades is quite restricted/ limited. This is because the structure of each grade differs. 

For example, RGs use a custom prebuilt inner frame where the armor pieces connect directly without polycaps while HGs use abs polycaps and plastic pegs to connect joints and sections and may not ordinarily fit into RG models.

The same goes for SGs, MGs, and PGs. 

However, with a bit of luck, you may be able to find pieces from different grades that can work together. This is especially possible with swapping heads since most ball joints are similarly sized.

How to kitbash your Gundam model by interchanging parts

Frankly, anyone can kit bash. After all, it is just the act of sticking together parts from different models. 

But to kitbash rightly, there is an intentional process which is highlighted below;

  • Visualize what you want to build

Conceptualize your idea. Write it down on paper or in any digital form. By doing this, you can easily identify the parts which you need to replace or add.

This shows that you have a plan and not winging the bash. 

  • Select your base kit

The base kit stands as the foundation for whatever you are trying to build. It usually contains most of the parts needed. Sometimes, the base kit is one with an inner framework that can’t be modified or tampered with.

  • Get a 2nd kit 

This kit holds the cool parts you need to pull off your vision. In some cases, you may need as many as five kits just to pull off one kit bash. Doing this involves a lot of interchanging and may result in waste.

  • Find the right spot to insert the new parts

When you swap/interchange, make sure the proportions are right else you will build yourself a train wreck. Make sure each joint is perfect for the other.

It is very important to harmonize the parts that you are changing. You can’t just interchange parts that conflict with each other just because you can. There is the place of creativity, but don’t be too carried away.


The ability to interchange Gundam kit parts is what forms the basis of kit bashing. 

It may not require a high level of expertise to build your first kit bash, but you need to be sure of how compatible the parts you want to interchange are. 

Always remember that it is easier to interchange parts within grades rather than between. This doesn’t mean cross-matching is impossible. It may be sophisticated, but still doable.