Master Grade Gundam Review | Why MG Kits Are My Favourites

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Gunpla Model Kits comprises five major categories to fit the skills and experience level of its users. 

Master Grade (MG) is the 1/100 scale kit popularly known for its size, detail, and poseability. The MG kit utilizes the inner skeleton to give the best articulation and sturdiness when built. 

If you are a fan of big-size Gunpla kits with incredible articulation, sturdiness, and a beautiful look, then Master Grade Gundam is certainly good for you.

What is Master Grade Gundam?

Master Grade (MG) is a special line of Gunpla kits that debuted in 1995 as part of the Gundam 15th Anniversary project.

The Master-grade Gundam is considered one of the most advanced-level grade kits of the Gunpla building game. These grade kits are more complex than the previous ones, HG and RG, and are just as intricately detailed as the name implies.

You can easily notice imperfections in the High Grades, but these are less common in a Master Grade because of the increased level of attention to detail. The MG Gundam provides more gimmicks, color separation, and significantly higher quality than the HG.

They are the best fit for people who want to try their hands on building something more challenging than the High Grade and Real Grade models, especially for those who would like more details, outstanding features, and unique construction to boast about.

Bandai Hobby RX-0 Gundam Unicorn Unit 02 Banshee 1/100 Master Grade

Where does it stand in the different Gundam model grades?

The Master Grade Kits are the next kit up from HGs. They sit comfortably above No Grade (NG) and High Grade (HG), Real Grade (RG), and below the Perfect Grade (PG), PG.

In terms of a combination of mechanics and detail, plus a sturdy skeleton frame, design, and other gimmicks that add to the realistic and “epic” look, Master Grade Gundams are definitely worth it.

These sets rarely require painting or gluing because of the beautiful color design separation that comes with the kits right out of the box. They also feature a set of LED light mechanisms to enhance the model’s appearance with a little more finesse and fun.

The RG’s are the most likely competition to MG kits because of their detailed kits that make it easier to display, but the MG is a better option since the parts are bigger, which makes it easier to apply stickers and decals, and the gate placement is really good. 

It also does not show a lot of nub marks.

Super Deformed1/144 or 1/100LowLowEasy
High Grade1/144 or 1/100MediumMediumEasy-Medium
Real Grade1/144HighHighMedium
Master Grade1/100Very HighVery HighHard
Perfect Grade1/60 or 1/100ExtremeExtremeVery Hard
As you can see, Master Grade kits are known for their high level of detail, articulation, and sturdiness. They are also considered one of the most challenging grades to build and are suited for advanced builders.

Master Grade Gundam Pros

The Master grade kits are known for their fine appearance and remarkable size. In terms of size and other intricate features, MG is second to only the perfect grade kits.

Here is a list of reasons why MG Gundam kits are worth your time and money:

  • They are extremely detailed.
  • They rarely require painting and gluing.
  • They possess larger parts that make it easier to apply stickers and decals
  • They provide a wholesome building experience for Gunpla lovers
  • They also feature a set of LED light mechanisms to enhance the appearance and add a unique touch.

Although Master Grade may be more complex than the HGs and RGs, it offers you an enjoyable experience worth every dollar and time spent.

However, it is important to note that the amount of satisfaction you may derive and whether the MG kits are worth your money and time depends on your individual preferences and goals, as different people would usually have different perspectives.

Example Of Master Grade Gundam Kyrios from Gundam 00

Are Master Grade Gundams a fun build?

The Master Grade kits provide a whole new fun and exciting level to Gunpla building, especially for those who would love to experience the challenge of what it feels like to build and assemble a higher grade kit of Gundam model.

Since they are bigger and can vary from being more simple aesthetically to being complex, MG is quite fun to build and enjoy as a hobby.

  • Master Grade kits are generally more complex to build

Master Grade kits are a more complex build than the HGs and RGs, and although more complex, that does not necessarily mean they are harder or more difficult to build.

The Master Grade kits just have more intricate features, and so would have more parts to snap together, and more cuts are used to form a single section compared to that of an HG kit.

This can take a beginner about 6-7 hours to build, but it would require a lesser amount of time for an experienced gunpla builder. 

So, it is not hard to build a master grade kit and may be considered relatively easy since the part size makes it a lot easier to handle too, unlike the smaller models.

Master Grade Gundam is a beautiful display piece for your shelf or desk

The Master Grade Gundam is arguably one of the best-looking Gundams out there with some large wings that look especially great, alongside some removable armor and a complete inner frame, which also makes this immensely detailed.

They come with super designs that make them beautiful pieces to build and own, and because of their size and appearance, they can easily serve as ornamental display pieces.

They do not require any extra painting or polishing like the High-Grade Model, so you can be sure of having a good-looking Gundam after building without any extra effort.

How Big Are MG Gundams?

Master Grade (MG) Gundams typically stand 18cm tall, or 7 inches. 

This makes it relatively big enough and handy for building, assembling, and adding decals.

They are a breath of fresh air from the HGs which are too small and do not possess enough details. MG Gundam kits sit in the right price position for their size, quality, and intricate features.

Because of the various additional weapons and accessories, it is possible for the overall size to vary from kit to kit, and this is particularly worth noting.

A Reddit Discussion On The Size Of MG Kits

How long does it take to build Master Grade Kit

This depends on your level of expertise. It would take a beginner an average of between 6-10 hours to build, but it would require less time for an experienced builder. Your experience in handling the tools would play a significant part in the time it would take you to build your Gunpla.

Additionally, most Gunpla lovers generally build for fun, so it doesn’t really matter how long it takes to make, so long as the result is beautiful, solid, and fun.

It is also important to note that whatever model you decide to build will still take time, especially if you are new, and this may require some basic modeling and tool handling skills and patience, so it best you enjoy the process without always taking a glance at your watch.

Master Grade Gundam Kit Compared To Perfect Grade kit

Although the Master Grade Gundam is not as detailed as the Perfect Grade, it is considered one of the best and most intricately featured Gundam models because of its portable size and other exceptional features.

It is only second to the Perfect Grade (PG) Model kits. The Perfect Grade kits feature a higher scale of 1/60, more expanded detailing, larger parts, and an intricate inner skeleton.

Compared to Master Grade kits, Perfect Grades come with a higher level of accuracy to their build and include additional features such as inner frames, advanced gimmicks,  LED lights, and some extra accessories that allow for greater posing options, and a more realistic look.

With their Inner Frame, Master-Grade Gundam Are sturdy

Master Grades Gundams are some of the largest most detailed Gundam kits, with a core intricate inner skeleton that helps for support, articulation, and sturdiness.

The inner frame of a Gundam model serves as its skeleton and this helps to provide structure and stability.

If you are looking at getting a Gundam that is sturdy and would not collapse if it’s handled roughly, you should go for one of the Master Grade Gundam kits.

The inner frame of MG Strike Gundam ver. RM.

MG Gundam range

The MG Gundam comes in a wide range of kit choices to cater to the preference, skill levels, and specific needs of different Gunpla lovers.

Each type has its distinct features to set it apart from others. The coolest thing is that each version that is being released periodically is also an improvement from the previous ones. So you can get the best option for those who are particularly interested in a model.

This large variety of options ensures that whether you are a beginner, a pro, or just a collector, you’ll definitely find the perfect MG model kit for you.

Here are some of the best types of MG Gundams that you can choose from.

  • MG Zeta Gundam
  • MGSD Freedom Gundam
  • MG Wing Gundam Zero
  • Bandai Wing MG Gundam
  • MG XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero Custom Ver.Ka.
  • MG ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos.
  • MG GN-003 Gundam Kyrios.
  • MG MVF-X08 Eclipse Gundam.
  • MG ZGMF-1017 Mobile GINN.
  • MG GN-003 Gundam Kyrios.
  • MG RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver.Ka.
  • MGEX RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

VfM (Value For Money) Of An MG Model

The price of a Master Grade Gundam is relatively affordable and varies depending on the type of kit you are getting and where you will be getting it from.

The price point can range between $20 – $70 depending on size, quality, level of complexity, and if the kit is a limited edition.

Overall, MG kits are a great option for modelers of all skill levels, offering high-quality and intricate designs at an affordable price. They provide hours of entertainment and offer a sense of accomplishment and pride when completed. They are definitely a good value for money.


Master Grade (MG) is a line of Gunpla model kits that debuted in 1995 as part of the Gundam 15th Anniversary project. 

These kits are known for their high level of detail, articulation, and sturdiness, and are considered one of the most challenging grades to build, making them perfect for advanced builders. 

The MG kit utilizes an inner skeleton to provide the best articulation and sturdiness when built. They are also known for their fine appearance, size, and intricate features. 

Master Grade kits provide a wholesome building experience for Gunpla lovers, a great value for money and they are most definitely worth it.