Is Your Remote Control Car A Robot? (+3 Examples)

Is your remote control car considered a robot? Well, what are the requirements that your remote control car must have to be considered as a robot?

To answer this question, we have to take into consideration the following:

What makes a robot a robot and does your RC car a robot.

A robot is an automatic machine that is programmed to follow certain instructions. The robot does have its own intelligence but it has programming or logic built into its structure. It is this programming that makes it what it is.

Is Remote Control Car a Robot
It’s not a robot, but it doesn’t make it less of a fun

So does your RC car a robot?

For a machine to be considered a robot it needs to have programming based on logic or some other thinking scheme. If you don’t use logic-based programming on your RC car, then it is not considered a robot.

Are you controlling the movement of your remote control car with the use of logic-based programming? If yes, then you are making your platform move without your input and therefore, your RC car is a robot!

That’s why remote control cars aren’t considered robots. You are controlling the direction of its movements but you are using your own intuition to drive it. So if you want to call your remote control car a robot, then be sure that it’s programmed with some sort of logic-bassed programming.

Are There RC cars That have intelligence?

Your remote control car doesn’t have its own intelligence. You are controlling its direction and movement with your own intuition or mind. So, no, it does not have intelligence.

Examples of RC Cars that Are Robots

Examples of cars that are robots include The Big Trak. The Big Trak was introduced in 1979 by Milton Bradley. This 6-wheel vehicle had a built-in programmable keypad so that you can guide it to move forward, turn, fire the front bumper and do stunts like backflips.

Another example of a robot car is the NASA Mars rover.

The Mars rover is considered a robot because it has autonomous navigation and hazard detection system, onboard chemical analysis instruments, and robotic suspension that allows it to drive all six wheels evenly on a surface.

The army also uses robotic RC Cars.

The army (land force) uses the iRobot Packbot. It is a little, tank-like robot that can be used in bomb identification and disposal. It has the ability to take pictures of its surrounding, detect chemical threats, and communicate with humans, among others.

Does RC Car Need Programming?

If you mean, does your RC car have programming? Then the answer is no. It doesn’t have software with it that tells it what to do and when to do it. Your RC car does need a kind of programming though for you to control its direction and movement, But that doesn’t make it a robot.

Types of Robots

There are different types of robots, such as:

1. Mechanical robot

2. Electrical robot

3. Programmable and autonomous robot (i.e.: a computer)

4. Combination of all the three types of robots mentioned above.

To Conclude This Article:

Your RC car is not a robot.

-Remote-controlled cars are not considered robots because they don’t have software or logic-based programming built into their structure.

-They also don’t have their own intelligence because you are controlling its direction and movements with your own intuition or mind.

-Even though It needs programming, it doesn’t mean that it’s a robot.