Why is the Gundam Unicorn So Popular

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Unicorn Gundam is one of the more powerful mobile suits in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, and the first “full psycho-frame” mobile suit.

The series begins at an exciting time, in the U.C. 0001, at the very beginning of human space colonization and Gundam continuity.

Its setting is located in a world where people live in colonies just outside of the earth’s atmosphere.

The storyline makes use of dramatic irony, repetition, and tragedy to convey an anti-war story and the possibility of good outcomes from a torn world.

In addition to that, the Unicorn mecha is a beast of possibilities made to transform and enhance to achieve its mission.

But these are not the only reasons why the Gundam Unicorn has captured the heart of a wide audience and become popular.

Here are reasons why the Gundam Unicorn still remains popular:

The Storyline makes gundam unicorn popular

The Unicorn takes everything about the Gundam franchise storyline a notch higher.

It provides enough context to what’s going on, and why they are significant, filling in on the battle between the principality of zeon and the earth’s confederation.

Humanizing the antagonist and showing that they still deserve redemption, telling a story of hope and the possibility that humanity possesses.

The Plot is another reason why gundam unicorn is popular

The plot twist with LaPlace’s (SP) Box and the quest of so many to obtain is an exciting pull that gives the series a super shine.

No unnecessary bogged-down episodes and it comes with an exciting spin-off

The Design, obviously

The design of the Unicorn Gundam comes with the unconventional Katoki’s standards that are super popular with the fans.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Gundam Unicorn was built into real-life size at the Gundam place.

It has a pure white color scheme that transforms into a blood-red color vent as if the machine is alive, whose abilities are connected to the emotions of the pilot.

The Cinematic Experience

Whether you watch the Gundam Unicorn on YouTube or the actual 22-episode part movie, the Unicorn provides the most cinematic experience in the entire Gundam Franchise, thanks to its super animation, orchestral soundtrack, and voice acting.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

● The Gundam Unicorn incorporates an anti-Newtype system that is built with Psycho-Frame material and piloted like an extension of the pilot’s body.

● It utilizes a special enhanced system known as the “NT-D” (or Newtype Destroyer) which activates the suit’s psycho-frame and dramatically increases the suit’s performance.

● It transforms into Destroy Mode when Unicorn Gundam’s NT-D System is activated.

● It has a super ability to accelerate up to 20 G’s in Destroy Mode making it one of the super powerful mecha.

Special Equipment & Features

● La+ Program:

The Gundam Unicorn possesses a unique Operating System that would reveal the paths to the Laplace Box on meeting certain requirements.

This special mission-enhancing feature makes the Gundam Unicorn more appealing and popular.

● Intention Automatic System:

The IAS gives the pilot the ability to intercept the thought waves of enemy pilots using the psycho-frame’s sensitivity tool.

These appealing features also contribute significantly to the popularity of the Gundam Unicorn.

The Build of the Gunpla unicorn makes it popular Among Gunpla Lovers

● The Psycho-Frame Material

Gundam Unicorn has a unique body build appeal. Its body is made of psycho-frame material, which glows pink or green when piloted by a sufficiently powerful Newtype.

● Luminous Crystal Body:

The super luminous crystal “Psycho Shard” is an additional appealing trait of the Gundam Unicorn.

It creates a Psycho Field that makes it possible for the Unicorn to perform feats such as disabling all weapons on Earth or physically traveling back in time.