Why is Gundam Seed So Popular

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There’s a whole lot of controversy concerning the Gundam seed storyline of what has happened, should happen, and could have happened.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Or simply Gundam Seed, is the ninth major anime series in the franchise and the beginning of the Cosmic Age continuity that has birthed several follow-ups.

It stands out as one of the most iconic and controversial anime series of all time. The storyline revolves around the battle between the genetically altered race and the naturals.

The narrative about the young characters’ individual beliefs, prejudice in war, and self-destructive potential was a different act from the normal good guy/ bad guy of previous Gundam themes.

And amidst these mixed feelings, Gundam Seed is one of the most popular anime series.

Here are the reasons why The Gundam Seed remains so popular amidst all the controversy:

The Story makes Gundam Seed Popular

The storyline of Gundam Seed is quite interesting. It breaks away from the usual Universal Century continuity which served as one of its major appeals.

The conflict between the races set in a future calendar era (the cosmic era 71), incorporates all of what is good about the original Mobile Suit Gundam story while adding its own unique perspective of war, personal relationships, and diplomacy, and modernizing them for a new audience.

Character development In Gundam Seed

The wonderful character development tells a story about relationships with people.

It centers on the characteristic factors, such as the nature of the struggle between best friends, and how they have to seek the right answers and hold firm to their own beliefs.

You can’t also overlook Kira’s romantic relationships. It was a very intriguing and key aspect of the entire story.

It was also refreshing to see female characters that had the strength to stand up on their own.

The Visuals Also Make Seed Popular

The Seed has pretty amazing and stunning visuals in addition to character and mecha designs that are superb.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack incorporated solid Japanese pop songs for the intros and some of the hottest j-pop music into the musical landscape.

Strong and epic battle music, intriguing and introspective songs, as well as tragic sounds made the already tragic scenes much more touching.

This was an amazing move that saw the resurgence of the seed’s popularity and earned it a fantastic score especially as more people started watching the show because of these artists.

Gundam Seed Is Realistic

The Seed gives a more relatable and realistic story than most other storylines. You get to wonder about the repercussions of why mankind shouldn’t play God, how there’s actually a thin line between good and bad, and that most people’s actions may just be an afterthought of trying to care for the ones they love.

The amazing choreographed fighting sequences

Although the pacing for the actual action was slow, the Seed Gundam provides an amazing fight-action sequence in all its battle scenes as the series goes further.

Intriguing Plots

The tragic plot pitching friend against friend worked amazingly well in the Seed. The high points center on how the conflict progressed and was resolved rather satisfactorily.


From the high points of the vocals, music that inspires, characters that come to life, battle scenes and weapons, intriguing storyline, and future setting, Gundam Seed will always remain popular.