Why is Nu Gundam so popular?

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The RX-93 ν Gundam also known as the Nu Gundam appeared in “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack” and was voted in Japan as the most popular mobile suit across the entire Gundam saga.

The storyline was set in the Universal Century timeline, with the powerful, state-of-the-art mecha almost single-handedly standing against the whole Neo Zeon force.

The stylishly sculpted mecha anime was not just voted as the most popular mobile suit with a 1:1 scale model built in its honor for nothing.

Here are reasons why the Nu Gundam is so popular:

The Story of Nu Gundam Checks All The Boxes

The story also made it popular as it portrayed everything that a good anime should have, bringing with it the culmination of early Universal Century MS technology.

The story was set years after the events of Gundam ZZ against Neo Zeon in Char’s Counterattack.

The story showed the importance of motivation and resilience, the evil of corruption, and the warmth of the human heart.

It also depicted an understanding of the motives of the various characters as well as the general structure of the overall conflict, resolving it in an excellent fashion.

The Nu’s Asymmetrical Design made it popular

The Nu Gundam’s design stands out greatly and this had a significant part to play in its popularity.

The unique asymmetrical design, great overall color, and intricacies that focused on the versatility and operational aspects, as well as an emphasis on reliability, durability and beauty, set the pace for others to follow.

The design comes with a good amount of surface details, an added color separation scheme, and beautiful aesthetics.

Nu Is An Advanced Suit

The Nu Gundam has the most advanced mobile suits during the Second Neo Zeon War in U.C, with state-of-the-art technologies introduced at the time.

This served as the perfect appeal and boosted its popularity.

It Has Special Equipment And Features

The Nu Gundam’s popularity is also incited by the special features it has.

It comes with Birdlime Launchers that fire an adhesive substance from the hands which can be used to repair small cracks in the colony wall or to restrain soldiers on foot.

It also has Dummy Launchers. These launchers can deploy mobile suit-sized dummy balloons as decoys.

And it also has a special Psycho-Frame Cockpit that is composed of microscopic Psycommu receptors, allowing a Newtype pilot to control the suit as if it is their own body, while also providing better command over remote weaponry.

The Build Of Nu Gunpla Is Remarkable

The build of the Nu Gundam is one reason why it is so popular. It is built to be solid and sturdy, with movable parts that allow for a wide range of movement.

It comes with a clean finish and no pre-assembled inner frames. And yes, you can build the Nu Gunpla without any tools.

The Articulation makes it popular

Bandai engineered this Ginpla nearly to perfection, and this is another significant reason why people love this model.

It easily pulls off a super mecha pose and comes with a full range of motion articulation.

The sliding mechanism is also really impressive as it gives room for more flexibility.

Gundam Nu Gunpla Is Really Affordable

For a perfect masterpiece like the Nu Gundam, it is actually pretty affordable. At a fair price of  $35, you can add the Nu Gunpla to your Gundam collection.