the most powerful RC motor (can you get it for your rC?)


If you’re a seasoned RC enthusiast, you know that for a motor to be considered powerful, it has to work efficiently and have high power density. 

Electric RC cars use brushed and brushless motors. However, these motor plays different roles in your RC car’s speed, strength, and durability. 

In this guide, we’ll learn everything there is to know about electric RC car motors and determine which is the most powerful. 

Here’s the most powerful RC motor

The most powerful RC motor is the Traxxas 3350R Velineon Brushless Motor. 

This Traxxas motor has great power output comes with high-speed ball bearings and ultra-high temperature-sensitive neodymium magnets, which provides the brushless motor with more power, long life, and high efficiency. You can even drive your RC car in a cold climate with how powerful the motor is. 

The Traxxas 3350R Velineon Brushless Motor functions exceptionally on all terrains and surfaces, especially in mud, puddles, rain, and snow. 

Which is more powerful brushed or brushless?

Technically, the brushed and brushless motors work similarly by creating an electromagnetic field that delivers performance at different levels. What makes one more powerful than the other is that one uses a brushless design while the other doesn’t. 

Brushed motors are simple to use since they provide basic two-wire control. This makes them easy to drive on rough terrains. However, they have a low power efficiency rate, lower than that of the brushless motors between 75% to 80% percent due to their brush design, which also causes a low-speed range. These brushes can also wear off easily and need periodic replacement or repairs. The brush design also makes them unable to reach fast speed limits 10mph. 

On the other hand, brushless motors are durable and long-lasting since they are not designed with brushes that wear out easily. This means you can run your electric RC car for up to six years without having to spend on constant replacement and repairs. Plus, they have a relatively smaller and lighter weight. Hence, they don’t affect the vehicle’s performance. Furthermore, brushless motors deliver high torque at variable speeds and provide longer run time due to the absence of the brush design. So, unlike the brushed motors, the brushless motor allows you to pass a speed limit of even 15mph. 

This means that brushless motors are more powerful than their brushed counterparts. 

Why brushless motors are faster than brushed (complete explanation)

Most powerful brushed motor

The most powerful brushed motor is the Traxxas 3975R 550 brushed motor. 

This motor runs on a 14V battery, unlike other brushed motors that run on a 7 to 12V power capacity. This means that you enjoy more torque, making it easy to run on off-road tracks. 

The Traxxas 3975R 550 brushed motor also has a reverse function that makes driving at fast speed in reverse possible. Add the fact that the Traxxas 3975R is built with polypropylene, allowing it to tolerate heat up to 130 degrees celsius. So, even if your electric RC car doesn’t have a heat sink or fan, the motor won’t heat up easily. 

Most powerful brushless motor

The Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL -3s Brushless motor is the most powerful brushless motor. 

The Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL -3s Brushless motor comes with an ultra-high temperature-based neodymium magnet, high-speed ball bearings, along with a precision-balanced rotor that offers high power, high efficiency, and a longer life-span. 

It also comes designed with a blue anodizing finish and a 3,500 KV based power capacity that makes it effective for your RC car.  

Can you make your motor more powerful using batteries?

Yes, you can make your electric RC motor more powerful than before using a battery. Wonder how?

You have to change the built-in battery with a higher current LiPo battery. LiPo batteries are known to have up to four times the energy density of Nickel batteries. When you attach a LiPo battery to your motor, they raise the voltage and increase the motor’s power output.

However, the downside of this upgrade is that you might end up overheating your RC car’s differential gears and shaft, which may cause a blow-up. Why? Most motors are built with low-quality materials making them easy to blow out. Plus, most motors aren’t built to support high-speed runs. 

Which RC brand makes the most powerful motors?

Traxxas manufactures some of the most powerful RC motors that offer speed and torque for a thrilling experience. 

some powerful Traxxas motors include:

  • Velineon 3500 4-Pole Motor
  • 3350R Velineon VXL -3s Brushless motor
  • The Traxxas XO 1 big block motor

Does higher KV mean more power

VK tells you how fast your RC car can run in a minute (RPM -revolution per minute) per volt of your battery. 

Technically, when you increase the voltage, you also increase the RPM. But, with a KV, even if the voltage is held constant, you will still get more RPM. This means that the higher the KV, the more speed and power you get from your RC car. 

Does lower KV mean more torque?

If you need more torque in your RC car, a lower KV is what you want. 

For a KV motor to provide more torque, it will have strong magnets and more winds on the armature. 

Unlike the higher KV motor that translates speed, the low KV motor has more winds of thinner wires and carries more volts at fewer amps. It also has a higher turn number. For this reason, lower KV does mean more torque. 

Most powerful motor to go fast

The most powerful motor that runs fast is the Traxxas xo-1 motor DC permanent magnet, 3.5 hp Big Block electric motor. 

This motor generates 3.5 horsepower, can spin to 40,000 rpm, propels your RC vehicle from 1 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, and reaches speed limits over 100 miles per hour.

Most torque motor

When buying the best motor for crawling, you have to understand that RC rock crawlers need a motor that provides torque response and provides low-speed control. Brushed motors are best for precision driving and are great for low-speed runs. 

For this reason, the best torque motor for your RC rock crawlers will be the 55t Torque Master since it offers low-speed drives, ss turns per volt, and faster runtime. 

Can you buy the Traxxas xo-1’s motor? (fastest production RC car)

Any RC enthusiast can buy the Traxxas fastest production RC car xo-1 motor from known Traxxas e-stores. Alternatively, you could get the XO-1 motor directly from industry-leading manufacturers. 

Most powerful 1/8 brushless motor

Castle’s Mamba Monster X 2650KV brushless motor is the most powerful 1/8 brushless motor. 

With a weight of 9lbs, you can make the motor more powerful by using a 2s or 6S LiPo battery. The motor is designed for long-lasting performance on off-road terrains, is capable of 100mAh voltage, offers amazing torque control and max throttle to ensure you get the full RC experience. 

Most powerful 1/10 brushless motor

The most powerful 1/10 scale brushless motor is the Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL -3s Brushless motor

This motor is highly efficient, low maintenance, can last up to six years, has a 3,500rpm voltage rated 4-pole motor, and massive torque due to the built-in highly sensitive temperature cantered neodymium magnets. 

How do I choose an RC motor?

Before choosing your RC motor, five things you need to consider include:

  • The size of the motor you need
  • The speed and RPM you need to power the motor
  • The weight of your RC car
  • The terrain you wish to run your RC car, and
  • The kind of battery that will suit your motor and offer either the speed or torque you need.


Motors are one component that makes RC vehicles powerful since it determines the RC car’s speed, torque, strength, and durability. To know the best motor that would walk well for your RC car, you need to consider the motor size, speed and RPM, the vehicle’s weight, where you wish to use the car, and what battery will best suit your RC motor. Regardless of this, the most powerful RC motor is the Traxxas 3350R Velineon Brushless Motor. 

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