Are Brushless Motors Faster Than Brushed (Read&Ride)

RC toys with brushless motors are significantly faster than those with brushed motors. This is actually one of the key reasons why people opt to buy brushless motors over their brushed counterparts because they are usually much faster. 

With a brushless motor, your RC car can go at much higher speeds than if it had a brushed motor. The brushless motor is much more powerful and efficient than the brushed motor, and this allows it to be quicker and have longer run times. 

Which Is Faster, Brushed or Brushless

The brushless motors make for much quicker toys than the brushed motors for several reasons. They generally work the same way, apart from the inclusion of brushes in the brushed motors. 

In brushed motors, there is friction applied to the motor and its size is relatively larger than brushless motors.
These factors, as well as several others, combine to make brushless motors much quicker than brushed motors. Handling capability is also much better in brushless motors. In fact, brushless motors outrank their brushed counterparts on about every metric, apart from cost and ease of operation, because brushed motors are made for beginners, hence they are much simpler to use. 

Why Are Brushless Motors Faster

Brushless motors are faster than brushed motors for a couple of different reasons. 

First, they are much lighter and usually smaller than their brushed counterparts, so this relieves a good amount of the load that is placed on your vehicle, which helps to significantly boost the speed and handling capability.

Second, the brushless motor produces much more power and this allows it to run at a faster speed than the brushed motor. This extra efficiency comes because there is no mechanical brush limiting the motor and its motion. 

What Speeds Can Each of the Motors Reach

The fastest RC car, for example, which is the Traxxas XO-1, uses a brushless motor and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. The car can reach a top speed of about 100 miles per hour. RC cars with brushed motors are significantly slower, usually peaking at about 35 to 40 miles per hour. 

Do Brushless Motors Have More Torque Than Brushed

Yes, brushless motors have more torque than brushed motors. The lack of mechanical limitations and increased efficiency mean that the brushless motor is much easier to maneuver than the brushed motor.

Brushless motors have a significantly higher torque to weight ratio as well as a higher torque per watt of power input, which is a measure of the RC vehicle’s efficiency.

What Are the 6 Differences Between Brushed and Brushless Motors

Several elements and components can be used to differentiate between brushed and brushless motors. These include:

#1 Presence of Brushes

The primary difference between the brushed and brushless motors is the presence of brushes in the motor. These brushes are used to convert electricity in the motor, and the brushes in the motor reduce the efficiency of the brushed motor.

#2 Simplicity

The system in a brushless motor is much more complicated than the system in a brushed motor. This feature of simplicity in the brushed motor makes them much more cost-effective.

#3 Cost

Brushed motors are significantly cheaper than brushless motors because they are also much cheaper to manufacture.

#4 Maintenance

The brushless motors usually require much less maintenance than brushed motors. When you use a brushed motor, you usually have to clean the dust and other debris out of the motor, especially if you drive on sandy or dusty ground.

#5 Run Time

The brushless motors are much more efficient so they also provide significantly longer run times than the brushed motor.

#6 Speed

As we said, one of the main reasons why people prefer brushless motors is the difference in speed. A brushed motor RC vehicle will struggle to reach the top speed of an RC vehicle using a brushless motor. 

What Is the Major Advantage of a Brushless Motor Over a Brushed Motor

There are several advantages to choose from when comparing the brushless motor to the brushed motor. However, the major advantage might actually be what people think of as the main disadvantage of the brushless motor, which is the cost. The brushless motors require much less maintenance, so in the long run, you might spend much more in buying and repairing your brushed RC motor than you would in buying a brushless motor vehicle. 

If you use an RC toy with a brushed motor, you will have to clean out the components quite often, whereas this is not necessary with brushless motors. You might also need to replace the brushes in your brushed motor, which is not required in a brushless motor. 

Do They Use the Same Amount of Battery Power

Brushless motors are much more energy-efficient than brushed motors, and they have been estimated to even run on the same power for 50 percent longer. 

These brushless motors can deliver a higher amount of power than brushed motors of the same size because they are much more efficient and are created with the ability to handle those high levels of power.

540 Brushed vs Brushless

The 540 number is used in stating the size of the main body of the motor. The number increases as the diameter of the body increases. 

The 540 brushed and brushless motors are both powerful, although you can generally expect better torque, speed and efficiency to come from the 540 brushless motors. 

Do Brushless Motors Run Cooler

Because the components contained in the brushed motors constantly touch or rub against each other, there is a high loss of heat. 

However, in the brushless motor, there is very low heat loss and this means that they run cooler than the brushed motors, while also producing more movement for the same amount of power that is fed into the motor. 

Can I Replace a Brushed Motor With a Brushless Motor

Yes, you can change your brushless motor to a brushed motor, although you will need a couple of things. 

The first thing you need is to know how to solder because this is a very important skill in replacing the motor in an RC vehicle. You also need to buy a new brushless motor which you will fit inside the RC. You can not CONVERT the brushed motor to a brushless one, so you will need to get a new motor.

Also, the brushless motors use a different type of electronic speed controller or ESC, so you also need to get one that you’ll use to replace it. 

What you can expect from replacing your motor with a brushless one, is for you to spend way less time and money on maintaining your motor. There could also be a significant increase in your car’s speed, although this does not always happen and it should not be the main reason behind you changing your motor. 

Significantly Good Brushless Motors

#1 Crazepony Brushless Motor: 

This durable motor is produced with 9mm x 4mm aerospace-grade aluminum bearings and it is a highly innovative design. It comes with a lot of value and a 1700 RPM/KV voltage rating. 

It has multiple copper windings as well as a dual anodizing feature.
Although this motor is highly durable, it is also pretty lightweight. This motor uses a highly efficient multi-strand technology that allows it to provide the user with control, power, and high speed. It also works very fast and it uses a special EMAX-designed copper alloy that allows the electrons to flow much easier through the material. It is quite affordable and very cost-effective for the value it provides. 

#2 Traxxas Brushless Power System: 

The Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL-3S brushless motor is a high-quality brushless motor that produces a lot of power and also lasts longer because of its great level of efficiency. This motor has a 3500 RPM/Voltage rated 4-pole motor as well as a great blue anodizing finish that makes it not only efficient but also very easy on the eyes. 

This motor has a special high-current connector that is used to provide simpler and better development. It also contains some neodymium magnets that are very sensitive to temperature and also provide massive torque for the system. This motor has a mounting plate for controlling speed, and it has three different levels which are sport, race, and training mode. 

The design is created to be waterproof and it also has an optional cooling fan which can help in boosting the performance of the motor. 

#3 Innovateking brushless motor: 

This motor is produced by a highly reputable brand named Innovateking and it is an efficient motor produced to dissipate heat excellently and provide a strong capability for resisting current. 

This motor was also created with safety in mind, so it comes with several protective features including motor blocked protection, low voltage cut-off protection, throttle signal loss protection, as well as overheat protection. 

It is dust-proof and waterproof, and it is engineered specifically for providing the maximum energy possible for your vehicle.