About Oliver Moore

Editor and Founder of LeisureGuided.com

Hi there!
I’m Oliver, a full-time hobbyist.
Loves every technical hobby there is, and I’m actually an engineer from Austin Texas.

Since I was a child I had technical orientation. I used to break everything in my parents’ house just to see how it works and to build it back. This passion came to me from my father, an old school man that used to do everything around our house – from changing a bulb to making furniture.

I started RC as a hobby when I was a teenager.
My dad was the one who bought me my first RC car, and since then, my passion for this hobby grew and expand.
These days I’m the proud owner of a (very) wide collection of RC vehicles. 12 of them are RC cars, 6 RC planes, 2 RC helicopters, and I just got my first drone.

I’m also a model kit builder. I love the therapy it gives me and I can spend a whole weekend gluing and painting any model I can find.
I’m lucky to have a supportive wife since all of those hobbies are taking quite a lot of my time and attention =)

As a long-time hobbyist, I want to share my passion and knowledge of this amazing hobby with others, and this is why I started LeisureGuided.com.

At this point Im the only writer in this blog, but Im looking for other hobbyists that want to share their passion and knowledge in other hobbies, and would like to join me and write about their hobby.
If you are the one, please contact me.

How To Contact Me

Phone: +17377101515

Email: olivermoore25@yahoo.com

Facebook: Oliver Moore

Instagram: OliverMoore262

Twitter: OliverMoore25