What ESC can handle 3S (explained | +3 best models)


The ESC is one of the most important components of your RC car because they determine how fast your RC car can go. On the other hand, RC car batteries decide the power and runtime of your RC car. 

Hence, the relationship between these two is not far-fetched since they determine your vehicle’s performance. If you’re using a 3S battery, you’ll want to ensure that the Esc can handle its voltage. 

This article discusses everything about the Electronic Speed Control and the 3S battery to determine the right specifications, and ESC should have easily handle a 3S battery. 

What specs should be for an ESC that can handle 3S

A 3215kv motor with a 60Amp ESC can easily operate a 3S battery if you gear appropriately, especially if you don’t own a heavy RC vehicle like monster trucks or an RC car with a real high kV motor. 

If your ESC is rated between 60A to 120A, they’ll do fine for your 3S batteries. 

What to consider when choosing an ESC for 3S?

Several factors determine the type of ESC you can use with a 3S battery. 

  1. The first is the weight and size of the ESC.
    Technically, the weight and size of your ESC determine the Amp rating the RC car produces. If you choose a smaller ESC, you sacrifice the performance and effectiveness of cooling when you use a powerful 3S battery. 
  2. Another variable is the current rating.
    Remember that the RC motor will draw current when you drive. In essence, you will need a motor with a much higher current or ampere capacity than the ESCs to prevent it from overheating. You’ll also need an ESC with larger propellers. 
  3. The next thing you need to consider is that the input voltage rating of your ESC is compatible with that of the battery.
    If you use an ESC that supports a 6S battery voltage, you’ll be giving your ESC an excessively high voltage range which can damage it. You want to get an ESC that can handle the battery voltage because using an ESC with low voltage capacity means it can’t take the maximum voltage of the battery; hence it’ll damage.

Running Your RC car with a higher voltage ESC means the motor won’t draw more current, especially if you’re going to use less throttle for a given speed. This means you will use less current under most conditions. 

In essence, you can choose an ESC to match your 3S battery by ensuring that the voltage, weight, size, and peak current rating will be compatible with the 3S battery.
A great ESC will thus have 5A more capacity than the peak rating of the motor since you may have to power the servos, receiver and other components from the ESC. 

What voltage input should an ESC have for a 3S LiPo?

The voltage input of an ESC will depend on the KV of the motor and the rpm you want it to reach.

For instance, if you have a motor with 1000kv and want the rpm to reach 8600 rpm, you will have to use an 8.6v battery. 

Regardless, if you want to use a 3S LiPo with your ESC, you need to ensure that the ESC is rated for operation at 6v to 12v. This way, no matter the model of your 3S battery, you can use any one of the 7.4V or 11.1V LiPo batteries. 

In simple terms, the safe voltage range of an ESC is between 6v to 12v. If these limits are exceeded, the ESC can smoke and even catch fire.

ESC amp calculator

If you’re wondering whether there is any formula to calculate how many amps an ESC must have according to the motor, battery voltage and draw current, the answer is yes. 

First, understand that how many amps your ESC generates will depend on the load (usually the size of prop) and the battery voltage (more volts will equal more amps).
The formula according to Ohm’s law is pretty simple:

thus, I = P/E


  • P = Power (Watts)
  • E = Electromotive Force (Volts)
  • I = Current (Amps)

If you don’t want to use a calculator but want to make sure the ESC can handle the 3S battery, the simpler way around this is to get an ESC with ratings higher than the maximum amps of the motor. So, if your motor is 50A or 55A, get a 100A constant ESC but not higher. 

3 ESCs that can handle 3S

Traxxas VXL-3S

This ESC designed by Traxxas can easily handle a 3S LiPo. However, you’ll want to get a cooling fan for your ESC and motor as the 3S pack is really powerful and will heat up when you run your RC car at maximum speed.  

Castle Mamba Max Pro

The Mamba Monster Pro ESC is capable of 6-12C NiMH and 2-3S LiPo. Whether the Max Pro system ranges between 2400KV to 5700KV, it’ll work great on an 11.1V 3S LiPo. 

Spektrum Firma 150A Brushless Smart ESC

When used with a brushless motor, this ESC can also handle an input voltage of 3S LiPo, producing a maximum burst current at 950A and a continuous current at 150A. 


Not all ESC can handle a 3S battery. For safety, it is extremely important that you get an ESC that is compatible with the battery and ones with a higher voltage range that can handle the current power of the battery. If this range is exceeded, the ESC will suffer damage and possibly burnout. ESCs like Traxxas VXL-3S, Castle Mamba Max Pro, and Spektrum Firma 150A are some of the best ESCs that can handle the voltage and current of a 3S battery.