Your RC Car Goes Faster in Reverse? (Fixing Guide)


Remote Controlled cars are designed to move forward, but some RC cars come with a reverse switch that makes moving faster in reverse possible. The downside, driving fast in reverse might be dangerous, especially on the race track. 

If your RC car is faster in reverse, the problem could be from a technical glitch, which could be due to a power failure, motor malfunction, or timing issue. 

Is it normal For an RC Car To Go Faster in Reverse?

An RC car moving faster in reverse is not normal. It occurs when there is a failure or an issue with your RC car or the transmitter. RC cars are not supposed to go faster in reverse, therefore it is a problem that needs to be solved when this happens.

When your car goes faster in reverse, the most common cause could be a mechanical failure.
Plus, high reversing speed could happen due to one or more of these reasons:

  • electrical components malfunction, electric motor failure, 
  • motor timing issues, 
  • controller malfunction, 
  • low battery charge, 
  • improperly programmed throttle range, 
  • inversely connected wires from the motor to the ESC. 

How Do You Fix the Faster Reverse Issue?

When your car starts going faster in reverse than it does in forward, it becomes an issue and you always fear the worst.
However, it’s possible to fix faster reverse issues on your RC cars. With simple, easy-to-follow one-step adjustment procedures, your repair shouldn’t take long. 

Here’s how to fix your cars’ fast reverse issues:

  • Consider a brushed motor upgrade with a brushless one.
    Brushed motors allow fluids and dust to interfere with the car’s rotation. With a brushless motor, you keep this factor out and maintain a steady speed level. 
  • Program your throttle range.
    A wrongly programmed throttle range would mean the ESC gets a wrong transmission, which may affect the full brake, throttle, and neutral functions.
    Turn on your transmitter, hold down the program button and switch on the ESC. Release the button, and a red light will flash. Leave the throttle stick on neutral to make sure it’s working properly. Then, check that the full brake is in place.
  • Motor timing is a common cause of high reverse speed, especially in RC motor models like Tekin. So, you need to reset the timing.
    Do this by taking out the motor, then resetting it to a centered position.
  • Reverse the throttle on your transmitter. This method varies for different models.
    Ensure that the transmitter and receiver are properly placed and switched on before trying to reverse your car. 
  • Reset the running modes. A technique like this is quite tricky as it requires you to continuously press the ESC program button, and you wouldn’t know when to stop.
  • Consider switching the wires that connect the motor and ESC.
    Brushless motors have three wires. It’s always best to keep switching between the two random leads (wires) on the motor until you notice a change in the rotation. 
  • A full battery capacity will keep your RC reverse speed working properly. So, make sure to charge your batteries to full capacity. 
RC car that goes faster in reverse is not normal, it indicates an issue with your RC car or truck

Does the Brushed or Brushless Motor Affect the Speed on Reverse?

If your remote-controlled car is electric, it uses either a brushed or brushless motor.
The two types of these motors can affect the speed of your RC car with problems arising from a short circuit. An issue like this will further damage the electronic speed control as it allows your ESC to produce more power while turning in reverse. 

Your RC Car Faster in Reverse After Replacing the Motor? What Did You Do Wrong? 

If your RC car still moves faster in reverse after replacing the motor, you probably connected the wrong wires and set the wrong throttle channel on your transmitter and ESC.
When you replaced the motors and swapped the wires, you changed the reverse to forward.
With a wrong setting like this, you give your motor the power to move in the wrong direction.

Does Faster Reverse Mean That Your Wires Are Crossed?

Faster reverse streams for various reasons, one of which is due to crossed wires.
For instance, the ESC wires are color-coded, while the motor wires appear black. That can make you cross wire your ESC to the motor, resulting in faster reverse.

When the three wires connected to the ESC are fixed wrong on the motor, the speed control and direction signal sent to the motor will also change. 


Although most RC cars do not come with a reverse function, models that have them tend to notice mechanical glitches that make the RC car move faster in reverse.
The good news, fixing the reverse is quite easy when you know the type of technical defect your RC car suffers. 

To find the possible cause of a faster reverse, check the throttle channel, motor timer, the controller function, RC battery, and the wires running from the motor to the ESC.