Are evolution RC engines out of business (you’ll be surprised)


If you’ve recently checked the Horizon Hobby website to purchase an Evolution engine, you’ll probably see almost all showing discontinued. 

Well, this can be alarming. It’s no wonder many RC enthusiasts and modelers keep wondering if Evolution Engine is out of business. 

Are evolution RC engines still made?

Evolution RC engines are still in the market. However, they are difficult to access in the local hardware and online stores; Getting them in the shortest possible time is practically impossible. You might have to check through different online stores to find one for your RC plane. 

What happened to evolution RC engines

No one really knows what happened to evolution RC engines. If you were to check Horizon Hobby’s website, you’d probably see a message like:

“PLEASE NOTE: Due to an unexpected interruption, this Evolution item is temporarily out of production. We are working to get this item back into stock. There is no ETA at this time. Please check back for updates and check with your local retailer.”

Who makes evolution RC engines?

Evolution RC engines are produced by Sanye Precision Machinery, which also makes the Magnum, ASP, SC, PH, and Kyosho engines. 

Where are evolution engines made?

Evolution RC engines are made in the special administrative part of China, Hong Kong. 

What do evolution RC engines make best?

If you’re looking to get a glow or nitro engine for your RC plane, Evolution engines are the best go-to choice. 

Evolution RC manufacturers are best known for making quality built, easy-to-tune nitro engines that offer maximum fun. 

What is evolution RC engine’s best seller?

For years, evolution engines have been designed to power RC aircraft. They even have realistic sound and behave like real engines. Some top-selling evolution RC engines include:

  • Evolution Engines 62GXI with SureFire EFI

This engine is probably the only engine in the market that features an advanced electronic fuel injection system specially made for the needs of the giant-scale model pilot. Like every other evolution RC engine made, this 62GXI model is built with high-quality materials and comes ready to run out of the box. It also comes with 2s LiPo compatible ignition and a superior-grade muffler.

Overall, this model is the most advanced large-scale gas-powered RC plane engine. 

  • Evolution .60NX Engine with Muffler

Unlike the 62GXI model and every other .60 displacement model, this engine is quite smaller but produces more power. Another major pro of this model is that it fits smaller airplanes which a typical .60 engine won’t fit, and weighs only 7ounce. 

If you’re thinking of upgrade options, the engine offers that avenue as it is designed to use an aftermarket-tuned pipe system or exhaust to enhance its performance. 

Overall, the .60NX engine provides RC enthusiasts with impressive speed and performance and allows you to put more power into smaller RC aircraft. 

  • Evolution .46NT RC model airplane engine

another best seller Evolution RC engine is the .46NT top-line 2-stroke engine. This engine guarantees ease of start-up while also offering powder and performance like other tough RC engines. 

The .46 airplane engine is designed with Pre-set Set-Right needle valves, a Canted glow plug, and a ball bearing supported by a crankshaft that makes operating the RC plane easy. The best part, the bore, stroke and timing are designed for use with both the muffler and tuned pipes.

Overall, this engine takes the guesswork out of operating an RC plane, especially for not-so-skilled hobbyists. 

Is evolution RC engine a good brand?

Evo engines are some of the best hobby engines in the market today.
In fact, they are designed strong run smoothly with minimal break-in and have good power to weight ratio levels. If you’re thinking of possible upgrades in the future, they also have better upgrade options than most engines.  

Should you buy evolution RC engines?

If you’re thinking of buying an evolution RC engine but can’t quite figure out which one to go for, especially with the OS engines and Thunder Tiger engines in the market, understand that evolution engines are much better than OS engines. In fact, they are on par with Thunder Tiger.

Unlike OS engines, evolution engines have a better-quality build since they are engineered with high-end premium materials. Evolution engines will work well in adverse inverted altitudes because they are also designed with an auto mixture carburetor. Also, they use real chrome plating in the cylinder liner, unlike the OS and Thunder Tiger’s nickel-based liner. This additional feature gives your engine much better protection against a lean run.

However, they may come pretty expensive due to the advanced features they come with. 


Evolution engines are one of the best engines that work for practically any RC airplane. Plus, they offer you the merits of nitro or glow-powered engine, which is increased performance. If you’re looking to buy an evolution engine for your RC aircraft, hopefully, this article will help you determine if your investment would be worth it.