Nitro RC Cars And Rain | Everything You Should Know

Nitro RC cars can run in the rain, although they aren’t made primarily for running on wet surfaces. They can also run on snow but you shouldn’t do it. If you have to do it, you need to be careful and make your car waterproof to avoid rust on your car’s body and components and to maintain its proper functioning.

Racing your nitro RC car in the rain can be fun if you do not mind the consequences. Nitro RC cars have few electrical components so, you have fewer worries of short-circuiting. Waterproofing your RC car reduces the chances of wetness making permanent damage.

Can You Run Your Nitro RC Car in the Rain?

You can run your nitro RC car in the rain but it should be light rain as they can only resist a moderate amount of water.

Nitro RC cars aren’t fully waterproof, though, they have some waterproof components. You can seal parts that you feel will get damaged in balloons or rubber bags and loosen them afterward for proper cleaning as any contact with water can seriously damage components.

What Can Happen if You Run Your Nitro RC Car in the Rain?

There’s no way to avoid puddles and splashing when racing in the rain.

But, know that heavy splashes can affect the engine, bearings, and servo gears if water gets into the electronics and batteries. If they are not waterproof, these components get rusty with the tiniest drop of water.

Nitro RC cars have an engine powered by a methanol-based fuel that contains nitromethane. This fuel has a long shelf life but it can get watery or gummy when it is exposed to water and ruin your car or engine.

Tires can soak up water through their air holes and make your car unbalanced and difficult to control.

Soaked wheels cause vibrations and a turn you make can flip your car.

Can a Nitro RC Car Get Wet?

Yes, your nitro RC car can get wet. Water will get into your car if you run it in water. If your nitro RC car isn’t waterproof, you shouldn’t even think about if it can get wet or not.

Since nitro RC cars aren’t fully waterproof, you should prepare your car on staying as dry as possible even in wet conditions. Before the wet drive, make sure you lube the bearings and seal the vulnerable components like batteries and electronics in balloons or rubber bags with a zip. Then, use Plastidip or a silicone sealant on the balloon’s opening. Some sealed parts like the receiver box can get humid.

After racing, remove the cover and allow trapped air to dry.

Are There Waterproof Components on Nitro RC Cars?

You can find a list of waterproof components in your nitro RC car manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Some waterproof components in a nitro RC car are the battery connection, receiver pack and steering servo.

Battery connection: Most battery connections and plugs are waterproof and give little worry.

Receiver: The receiver pack comes in a plastic box to prevent damage. As it is the most expensive component in an RC car, the receiver gets extra attention. Cover it in a balloon or rubber bag for more protection.

Servos: Servos like the Hitec 5625MG and 5645MG are water-proof. Still, most servos need protection from the elements. Apply waterproof vaseline on the servos to keep them lubed.

The plastic frames and tires don’t need waterproofing. Water does not harm plastic. The tires have tiny air holes which cannot quickly suck in water except you submerge the car in water or drive it in heavy rainfall. If water gets in, you can loosen the wheels and squeeze out the water.

Is Light Rain Fine for Your Nitro RC Car?

You might not like wetness and prefer running your RC car on dry surfaces. But, it might rain suddenly and you find out that you don’t want to stop running your car.

Nitro RC cars can work in light rain because they are water resistant to an extent. This means your nitro RC car can tolerate light rain, a splash, or crossing in a puddle. However, even light rain can damage your RC car if it is not well protected. Water will make the exposed metal components of your car rust and become faulty.

Is It Fine to Run a Nitro RC Car on a Wet Surface?

Racing your nitro RC car on a wet surface shouldn’t bring too much trouble if you are careful. Waterproofing protects your car’s components from serious damage.

Apply water repellent on exposed or metal components. Wrap up the receiver box in insulation tape. Use lower gearing when running in the rain or on wet surfaces. Generally, avoid heavily wet surfaces or situations and your nitro RC car is fine.

What Is the Most Vulnerable Part to Rain in a Nitro RC Car?

The most vulnerable parts of your nitro RC car in rain are the drivetrain, transmissions, axles, and tires. Soaked wheels make the vehicle shake which would take the fun out of the whole experience.

You can reduce the vulnerability of your nitro RC car components to rain by doing these:

· Apply a waterproof Vaseline to your servos.

· Put blue tack on holes and gaps.

· Apply lubricant or water-repellent like WD-40 on metal parts.

· Seal the radio gear with tape. A high-power car can cause overheating in sealed components.

· Apply bearing oil on your bearings.

Nevertheless, water is not good for your nitro RC car and can be safely avoided.

Are There Waterproof Nitro RC Cars?

Nitro RC cars are thought to be waterproof but in reality, they are not fully waterproof. Whether or not your nitro car is waterproof depends on its components.

Nitro Rc cars have some waterproof components and you can do extra waterproofing just to be on the safe side.

Is There a Way to Waterproof Your Nitro RC Car?

It is quite easy to make your nitro RC car waterproof, but there are a couple of things you need to do. Use rubber bags or balloons to wrap electronics and batteries. Use lubricants or rust removal products like WD-40 or Corrosion X to protect exposed metal like bearings, drivetrain, and fasteners from rust and to displace moisture. Most nitro RC cars have sealed radio boxes. You can help further by sealing the servos with insulation tape.

Use rubber paint on electronics. This can be peeled off afterward.

Despite the waterproofing, avoid submerging the car in water to maintain engine life and enable continuous usage of your nitro RC car.

How Do You Get Water out of a Nitro RC Car?

You can get water out of your nitro RC car by putting precautionary measures in place.

· Before running, spray lubricants and anti-rust products on your car to displace moisture.                                                      

· Seal the exposed components like servos, radio box, and batteries in tape.

· Vent your tires. You can do this by cutting two small holes of 4mm in each tire near the centreline. Trapped water will trickle out faster.

· After running, remove the body and place the car upside down on a flat surface.

· Loosen parts and clean thoroughly.

· Leave and allow them to dry in a warm and dry place.

How to Maintain a Nitro RC Car After Running in the Rain

It is important to give your car an intense cleaning after the run and splash.

Generally, you should clean your car after each run, whether wet or not.

Remove the body and place the car upside down on a flat surface.

Use a brush to scrub off mud or dirt. Then, clean with a rag. Use an anti-rust spray on the exposed metals and body. Put the car in a warm location to finish drying before you reassemble.

Best Waterproof Components for a Nitro RC Car

RC cars are meant to be tough and Nitro RC cars’ manufacturers are making water-resistant parts. Likewise, RC car lovers want to feel more excitement and are looking for ways to upgrade their cars for better performance.

Best 3 Waterproof servo model

  1. Annimos 20kg Digital Servo: This servo has a high rotation of 270 degree when on and 360 degree when powered off.  It is waterproof and has a large torque.
  2. Zoskay 35kg Coreless Motor Servo: Zoskay waterproof servo is a high-performance stainless steel with strong stability and adaptability.
  3. Feetech 35kg Servo Motor: Feetech servo motor system is controlled by pulse and has a strong aluminum middle shell.

Best 3 Waterproof receiver model

  1. Radiolink RC4GS V2 4 Channels RC Transmitter and R6FG Gyro Receiver: This is the best RC receiver on Amazon so far. It has 4 channels and can be used for crawlers, cars and boats.
  2. Dumborc X4 4CH RC Radio Transmitter and Receiver: Dumborc receiver has a 4 channel setting mode.
  3. Flysky RC FS-BS6 Receiver: Flysky receiver is lightweight and  is good for novice players because it has an automatic recovery for unexpected offsets.


Running your nitro RC car in the rain is possible and enjoyable with proper maintenance before and after the wet drive. Remember to wrap up exposed electronics and use plenty of lubrication to prevent long-term damage. With all, light contact with water is advisable. You shouldn’t go and submerge your car or run it under heavy rain.