RC Cars That Drive on Walls. How? (Explained)

A wall climbing RC car is one of the coolest RC cars. It provides loads of fun since it can climb on walls and it left people wondering how it does that.

The technology behind a wall climbing, or zero gravity RC car is quite simple and it is quite easy to explain.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

What Enables the RC Car to Drive on the Wall

As you can imagine, the wheels are not what enables the car to drive on the wall.

The thing that makes it drive on walls is actually much simpler, and it is a small fan located on the bottom of the car.

The fan creates suction, which enables the car to attach to walls, windows, and other smooth surfaces.

The thing that makes it possible is the fan that creates a vacuum between the wall and the bottom of the car. The bottom is shaped in a way that helps the fan to create a vacuum and attach to the wall.

This fan is small and fast, and it can create a vacuum very quickly. As long as the fan is on, the car will continue to attach to the wall.

In low-quality zero gravity cars, when the battery is low then the car will lose suction and therefore lose the ability to drive on walls.

So those cars have two motors –  one for driving and one for creating suction.

Key Factors to Make an RC Car Drive on Walls

There are a few key factors to make an RC car drive on walls:

  1. The car needs to have a fan on the bottom that can create a vacuum.
  2. The car has to be as light as possible so that it can be easily carried by the fan.
  3. The car needs to have a smooth bottom that helps the fan create a vacuum.
  4. The fan has to be strong and fast so that it can create a vacuum and overcome gravity.

Can You Drive a Zero Gravity RC Car on the Ceiling?

You can drive a zero gravity RC car on the ceiling.

Both wall climbing and ceiling driving are achieved using mostly the same technology. It may be harder for the car to attach to a ceiling because of the way gravity works, but you can definitely drive it on the ceiling as well.

Can It Drive on Any Surface?

Zero gravity RC cars can drive on any smooth surface including:

windows, mirrors, glass surfaces, walls, smooth wooden surfaces Etc.

If a surface is not smooth then the car will not be able to generate a vacuum and therefore it will not stick to the surface.
If there are bumps or ridges on the surface, then it is most likely that the car will not be able to drive on it.

Can Any RC Car Drive on Walls?

Only RC cars that have been specifically designed to drive on walls will be able to do so.
Normal RC cars will not be able to generate a vacuum and attach to the wall since they don’t have fans on the bottom and they are not as light.

Is a Wall Climber RC a Hobby or a Toy Grade Car?

RC wall climbing cars are toy grade and they are not meant for hobbyists.

The difference between toy grade and hobby grade RC cars is that hobby grade RC cars are usually made with better materials, they have more features and they are more durable.

Toy grade RC cars are not as durable, they usually don’t have many features, and they are made with cheaper materials.

That said, toy grade RC cars can provide great fun and they can be a lot of fun.

How Much Is a Wall Driving RC Car?

The price of a wall climbing RC car is usually 25$-35$. However, there are cheaper models that can be bought for about 15$ but don’t expect much.

The best wall climbing RC cars usually cost around 28$.

Bear in mind that these RC cars are quite cheap toy grade cars so don’t expect it to be durable or to last many years. These are kind of toys that provides great fun for a short period of time in that arent made out of the best materials.

What We Like About This Car

  • It’s a cool toy with simple yet impressive technology.
  • It can be fun and educative for children.
  • It can be a great gift for people who like gadgets and cool toys.
  • It’s affordable.

What We Don’t Like About This Car

  • The fan is quite loud.
  • It’s not as durable as other RC cars.
  • The transmitter is far from being accurate.

Should You Buy One?

Wall driving RC cars are mainly for children, but it is still a cool toy that can be fun.

If you are looking for something that is fun and cool then this is a great option.

It’s also a great gift for your kids or nephews.