Is Gunpla Art? | I think it is and I explain why


Art can be seen in many things, from fireworks to Cheraw dances, and even butter sculptures, so why not Gunpla?

Art can be a really subjective topic, and mostly what should qualify as art should be what has the ability to be criticized, is intellectually challenging, requires skill or virtuosity, and is original of intent.

Gunplas come with all of these requirements completely satisfied, and it is both beautiful and visually stimulating.

People who build gunpla put their skill and passion into it and expend time and creativity to build these amazing works of art.

The Definition Of Art 

The term art encompasses a whole lot, from painting, prints, sculpture, drawings, décors, photography, music, and dance.

The word “Art” defines the expression and application of human creative abilities and imagination to produce forms to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional capabilities.

These forms are mainly created to express an idea, or an emotion, maybe as a component of culture, personality, or pleasure.

This Gunpla Painting Is Definitely Art

I Consider Gunpla A ‘Readymade’ Art

‘Ready made’ art is used to describe art created from other objects (found objects), and modified to its more creative use by the artist.

It involves amplifying the non-art quality of the original object either with or without physical alterations without disguising its practical purpose.

Gunplas are ‘ready-made’ art because they undergo the same process. Firstly, you have to make a choice, the choice of an object is itself a creative act.

Secondly, they are built from pre-designed objects that can be modified to become awesome artworks.

Thirdly, the modification and presentation of a finished gunpla give it the effect.

Painting And Weathering Gunpla Kit Is an Art

Building a Gunpla to look battle-hardened and as realistic as you see in the series requires weathering.

Weathering is the process of adding marks and distressing a model kit so it appears as if it has been through heavy use.

Gunpla model kits are also painted to achieve a realistic semblance as it is in the real show or to achieve a different unique color scheme and design.

These processes involve the application of human creative abilities to create expressions and forms that can be appreciated, and this is art.

The Gundam Model Itself Is an Art

Gundam model kits are pure masterpieces. They fully depict the vehicles and characters of the fictional Gundam multiverse by Bandai.

You get to see the level of intricacy, high functionality, articulation, and complex engineering being put into the creation of these models.

There’s a full form of creativity and originality of intent that comes with it, and it shows that the models are truly wonderful art.

Kitbashing Gunpla Is Also An Art Form

The process of creating a completely new model by improving on an existing one through the combination of various parts from at least two or more model kits together is called kitbashing.

Kitbashing gunpla is an art form that involves creatively visualizing and putting together a whole new aesthetically appealing model kit with special effects.

Many kitbashers will create the accessories from scratch with their hands and tools according to something they visualized.

The Art On The Box Is Also A Form Of Art

Everything about the gunpla contributes to making it an art masterpiece. Bandai adds more style to every art design on the Model kit as they are freshly released.

The color scheme, designs, and overall outlay of every box cover show the creative effort put into making these boxes aesthetically appealing.

Gunpla photography is another form of Gunpla art

If you photograph you Gundam models then I would also consider it as a form of art.

Posing you gunpla, setting up the background and taking photos of it from many angles is for sure consider as art. Photographing your model is not different than photographing a real living model, food, or any other model, let it be in motion or just standing still.

Just Assembling The Model According To The Instructions Is Probably Not Art

Assembling the models should be referred to more as engineering than art. It covers more functionality and application than creativity and aesthetics.

In order for a creation to be art it has to have your own saying or your own perspective. Just assembling a Gunpla model will not consider art. Although, you can definitely say that the model itself is art made by Bandai and assembled by you.

Can anyone say that this Gunpla model is not art?!


We are performing lot of art forms with our Gundam kits, in ways that we didn’t even thought.

Gunpla encapsolate many art forms, whether its painting and wheathering the model, kitbash models, photographing it and even the design of the gunpla itself and its box.