Can Your Electric RC Car Run In The Rain? (Facts Only)

This question seems to be prevalent among hobby grade RC car enthusiasts. 

We can’t blame them, as there are many conflicting sources of information on the web. 

This article will help answer all of the burning questions that you may have about how water can affect your RC car’s lifespan.

Can You Run Your Electric RC Car In The Rain?

This depends on the amount of rain that your RC car is taking on.

However, you should always avoid full submersion of your RC car in water, as this can cause irreversible damage to the car’s components

Driving your electric RC car in the rain shouldn’t be an issue since those cars are high-quality products. That being said, its better not to run your RC car in heavy rain because water can damage your car 

Is it OK to run an electric RC car in the rain?

What Can Happen If You Run Your Electric RC Car In The Rain?

Going for a short ride in the rain is not a problem as long as you dry your RC car the proper way. If you use your RC car in wet conditions and neglect to dry and clean it, you run the risk of having your bearings and screws rust or shorting out your ESC and motor.

If some parts of your RC car are permanently damaged by water, replacing them can get pricey.

Many electric rc cars have sealed components that can take some rain but its important to make sure that your car has sealed components ro avoid electricel issues. After all, water and electricity dont goes together.

Are There Components In An Electric RC Car That Are Waterproof?

Many manufacturers produce quality, water resistant RC cars which takes some of the manual labor off of the novice hobbyists’ hands.

Plenty more manufacturers produce standalone water resistant parts that hobbyists can purchase at a reasonable price and install themselves.

Some of the waterproof components you can find for your electric are:

  • An ESC with a silicone coating will greatly diminish the risk of shorting due to contact with water.
  • Brushless motors are commonly thought to be ‘waterproof,’ but in reality, they are water resistant. They may be able to take more abuse, but they are not fully waterproof.
  • Aluminium bearings and screws will not rust when in contact with freshwater, but saltwater exposure will still eat through your RC car’s water resistant components.

How To Know If Your Car Is Waterproof?

Some people may be confused about how to tell if their RC car is equipped with the components necessary to take on moderate amounts of water.

In order to be sure that your RC car is waterproof its best to look at what the manufacturers say about the product. Most electric RC cars manufacturers will advertise on their site the components that are waterproof.

How Much Rain Is Fine For Your Electric RC Car?

If you just got your new RC car, you may be eager to go out and give it a try, regardless of the weather. However, if it’s raining, you should make note of how much it’s raining.

If there is a small amount of rain, your RC car should have minimal problems with traversing the terrain, but don’t let it sit outside for too long. If you notice a decent amount of water accumulation on the surface of the car, bring it back inside.

If there is a moderate to heavy amount of rain, you should avoid taking your RC car out for a spin.

What Is The Most Vulnerable Part To Rain In An Electric RC Car?

The ESC is the most susceptible to water damage. If you plan to use your RC car in wet conditions, be sure that your ESC is water resistant.
Getting fluids on the ESC of your RC car can short out the circuitry, rendering your product useless.

How Can You Waterproof Your Electric RC Car?

Waterproofing an RC car yourself can be a great experience and a nice project to take on before the wet season arrives.

  • ESC – Hobbyists have been known to make their ESCs water resistant by utilizing duct tape, or even by using Plasti Dip, a multi purpose rubber coating.
    If you’re on a budget you can encase your ESC with a balloon.
  • Servos – The same balloon method can also be used for servos, but its probably better to use silicone instead.
  • motor – Motors can be lubricated with WD-40 preemptively to ensure that most water that tries to get in will be repelled. The same can be done for the bearings of your RC car.

How To Maintain An Electric RC Car After Running In The Rain?

The key to a longer lasting electric RC is to regularly maintain it. You should always take the care of Your RC car very seriously.

If your RC car is frequently used in wet conditions, its best to cosider getting a portable air compressor to force water out of the car’s crevices.
You also should be using towels to wipe up the excess of fluids, reduce corrosion and give your car a longer lifespan.

As said above, WD-40 is very useful in displacing water from the bearings and the motor of your electric RC car.
WD-40 may also attract more dust than usual, so regularly clean your RC car with compressed air.

Best Water-resistant Components

Here’s what to look out for if you’re trying to purchase water-resistant components.

• Velineon VXL-4s High Output ESC

• HS-5646WP Waterproof Servo

• Globact Brushless motor – F540

• LiPo battery – Zeee 5200mAh 7.4V 2S 50C