How do you break in a brushless motor (Do You Need To?)


If you use a brushed motor, breaking it will prove an easy task, but when it comes to a brushless motors, the process can be extremely tricky because a wrong break-in procedure can end up damaging the motor. 

Technically, brushless motors don’t require breaking in since only the bearings come in contact. You can only break a brushless system if you just bought it to prevent factory malfunction. So, you might be thinking, how do you break in a brushless motor without damaging it?  

There are two ways to break in a brushless motor; 

  1.  Provide power to the motor at maximum speed, then clean the motor afterward.
  2. Apply lubricant to the motor and run it. 

A brushless motor Doesn’t Really need a break-in

A brushless motor doesn’t need break-in because it doesn’t use brushes like the brushed motors. You can break in a brushed motor because it needs the brushes to wear and smoothly match the commutator, so they are properly conditioned for maximum contact. 
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However, if there were something to break in like the brushed in a brushless motor, it would be the bearings, especially when you fail to maintain them so that they fit nicely in the RC vehicle. 

Are there any brushless motors that need breaking in?

When it comes to your brushless system, no break-in is required since only the bearings come in contact. Hence, there is no brushless motor that needs breaking in. 

The only time you can break in your brushless system is when you newly purchase them to avoid mechanical and electric faults right out of the box.

hobbyists think you should break in a new brushless motor, but they’re wrong

While breaking in your brushless motor is unnecessary, many RC hobbyists believe that a little break-in may be useful, especially for a new brushless motor. 

The truth is that breaking in your RC car is not actually for the engine to run well as the break-in process has been done in the factory. The reason why you have to break in your new brushless motor is to prevent accidents from failed axles, bearings, or, in some cases, transmissions and entire suspension systems falling out due to poor assembly.

Hence, the simple reason is that your brushless motors might come with defects from the assembly (i.e., loose metal part in the motor). Other times a bearing may fail prematurely. By breaking it before use, you ensure everything is fine and will last long. This process also ensures that you avoid the destruction of another item or the entire RC vehicle due to motor failure.

the actions you need to do before running a new brushless motor

If you use brushless motors for your RC vehicle, you need to make sure they are in perfect working order at all times. 

So, before running a new brushless motor, check if it is spinning. If it isn’t, the problem could result from a short circuit or factory defect. Brushless systems work using electromagnets, rather than brushes, to spin the motor. You will find the magnets attached to the motor’s bell.
Check if the magnets are solidly sited on the motor. If it isn’t, it means that your new brushless system is faulty. 

Can brushless run at full throttle right out of the box

Almost all brushless systems come with a safe voltage and speed range written by the manufacturers on the box. Hence, you can only put so much voltage and speed into a motor before it spins too fast and shells out the rotor. 

So, if you think your RC car will run at full throttle right out of the box, the simple answer is no. You have to easily match the load on the motor to ensure it reaches maximum rpm and full-throttle range. 

Summing Up

Brushless motor doesn’t need to break in since they don’t use brushes. In fact, all you need do is run it and get it started. The only time you can break your brushless motor is when it is new. Apart from this, your brushless motor will run just fine without a break-in procedure.